UC Berkeley Administration Shows Pathetic Weakness

By caving in to anti-free speech extremists, UC Berkeley’s administration is failing the test of a civilized society

The quickest way to empower extremists is to give in to their violence and intimidation. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Berkeley Administration is doing by failing to protect freedom of speech on their campus.

The right to protest must be defended. But what some on the left seem to be missing is that there is a huge difference between the right to protest, and the use of violence to silence opposing views.

As we have seen, extremists at Berkeley are using violence and force to threaten and physically attack speakers who don’t fit within their insanely small group of “acceptable opinions.”

This is where the UC Berkeley Administration comes in.

Berkeley has police. They also have a state government they could call on for assistance. But they have failed to effectively utilize their police or ask for meaningful help. This isn’t the fault of the police. It’s the fault of the politically correct fools who won’t send a clear message about upholding free speech and defending the law.

The use of illegal force must be met with the use of legal force. If extremists are using violence to block people from exercising their free speech rights, legitimate authorities have the right to use force to deal with those extremists.

However, rather than take action, Berkeley’s Administration has shown pathetic weakness, and has failed to uphold the rule of law. They just keep whining about how “they are under attack,” hoping to protect their precious politically correct SJW image no matter who gets hurt.

As a result, their campus has become a battleground.

If Berkeley can’t defend free speech and free thought, they have no right calling themselves a university. Appeasing extremists only leads to more extremism.

Toughness, and upholding the law is the only thing that will get the situation under control.

What happens in Berkeley matters to all of us. We are seeing a test of whether Western society is willing to truly defend freedom of speech, or if we will let violence & the threat of violence silence people.

For the sake of all who value liberty, freedom of speech must prevail, and the rule of law must be enforced.

Spencer Fernando