CORRUPTION: Quebec Liberals Blocked Charges Against Caucus Member, Claims Police Union Head

The Quebec Liberal Caucus is under a cloud of suspicion, after the head of Montreal’s police union alleged undue political interference.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, the leader of the Montreal Police Union Yves Francoeur, “alleged law-enforcement officials asked him “to do something” after a person he did not identify blocked some 2012 criminal cases from going to court. The cases involved a current sitting Liberal member of the National Assembly and another who since resigned, Mr. Francoeur said Thursday.”

Not good.

Numerous individuals connected to the Quebec Liberals have been arrested in recent years during numerous corruption probes. Current Liberal Premier Phillippe Couillard promised things were different under his “new” Liberals. The comments by Francoeur could put that promise into serious doubt.

According to Francoeur, “There was an investigation [by police] in 2012 involving two elected Liberals, one of whom is still in caucus, and a real estate development company. Investigators had wiretaps, they had surveillance, they had everything they needed to proceed.”

Francoeur thinks anyone who wasn’t a Liberal politician would already have been charged.

According to the Globe & Mail, the specific allegations are fraud and influence peddling.

Quebec’s Director of Criminal Prosecutions – Annick Murphy – heavily criticized Francoeurs comments, saying, “I am extremely concerned by the assertions made by Mr. Francoeur. He is a police officer and apparently had information concerning grave misconduct brought to him, but he didn’t bring it to us,”

For his part, Premier Couillard claimed Francoeur was trying to “bully” prosecutors.

Of note, the Montreal Police Union is in tough pension negotiations with the provincial government.

Liberal Member Sam Hamad resigns out of nowhere

The same day the allegations were made, Quebec Liberal Assembly Member Sam Hamad shocked many people by resigning. Hamad says the resignation was in the works for a long-time, but many find the timing interesting.

Whatever the truth may be in this latest set of corruption issues, there is little goodwill or trust toward the Quebec Liberals, after their long history of corruption problems. This is the kind of cloud that can darken the rest of a governments term.

Spencer Fernando

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