LIAR: Harjit Sajjan Falsely Took Credit For Canadian Afghan War Operation Medusa

Trudeau Government Defence Minister caught in a “bald faced lie” for saying he was the “architect” of massive Afghanistan mission

Liberal Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has been caught in a big lie.

During a speech made while he was in India, Sajjan told security experts the following:

“On my first deployment to Kandahar in 2006, I was the architect of Operation Medusa where we removed 1,500 Taliban fighters off the battlefield … and I was proudly on the main assault.”

Sajjan lied.

As reported by the National Post, outrage quickly grew among those who knew the truth. One retired Canadian Officer called Sajjan’s claim “a bald-faced lie.”

The same soldier added, “Making a statement like that is completely contrary to our military ethos.”

Sajjan wasn’t part of making decisions for the operation

Operation Medusa was a massive battle, considered the largest by NATO forces in Afghanistan. According to former officers, Sajjan wasn’t even close to being the “architect” of the operation. In fact, those officers say he wasn’t even part of the decision-making process.

Those in the know say Operation Medusa was a collaborative effort. Any leadership would have been supplied by Brigadier General David Fraser, who commanded the Canadian Task Force in the region.

Sajjan must resign

Harjit Sajjan showed bravery serving Canada in Afghanistan. He deserves credit for that. But his performance in office has not been positive. Under his watch, the military budget has fallen to a post-war low of just .88% of GDP.

$2 billion more is needed per year just to keep the military operational at current levels, but Sajjan and Trudeau keep bleeding the forces of funding.

Sajjan’s department also took over $8 billion out of the budged by cutting future equipment spending.

Under Sajjan’s time as Defence Minister, our military has grown weaker, and our men and women in uniform are being betrayed by a government that refuses to give them the resources they need.

Now, Sajjan has added to that failed record by lying about the role he played in Afghanistan and trying to take credit for the work of others.

Though he apologized, that isn’t enough. Sajjan has shown he can’t stand up for the military in the budget process, and he can’t stand up for the military when it comes to telling the truth.

That’s why he needs to stand down and resign.

Spencer Fernando

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Sheila Robillard

Show me one Liberal MP that has actually done something without lying .

L Paul Ouellet

It’s that like the liberals to take credit for something that they not do

Lian Walton

You lie , i lie , we all are of guilty of little white lies and perhaps even grander untruths – the difference between us and this guy is that we are not under the microscope and we have not used this lie as credentials to attain such a lofty position in the liberal government – speaks volumes about those responsible for vetting him for this position and must beg the question : what else has been lied about – he most certainly must step down or be fired but i doubt that will happen given the track record of… Read more »

Ana Gomes

Let me be very politically incorrect, but I can not resist to say : LIAR, LIAR, TURBAN ON FIRE !!!
I respect Siks and I like Turbans. They look good and they do not have any evil connotation for me, but this person and his Prime minister I can not respect. Put me in Jail….


THe Left lies. It’s just what they do…………even when caught the lie has been told, assimilated and believed. The point is, tax money is being spent on gifts to other countries, not on our military or our “fair” contribution to NATO.

Alan Skelhorne

my my it never ends with the trudeau circus. however, people as for the miliytary, its all part of the plan implemented by george soros. if you don,t believe me. just google up george soros plans for canada, it will open your eyes.


We have to clean this gov. out now….corruption is seething from the Liberals and Soros.


The problem with Liberals is that they NEVER do anything..They are Just TOO LAZY!!!!

Such lies from the Defence Minister is disrespectful to our military. Surely, our brave men and women need to be revered for their sacrifices. Liberals simply have no regard for military personnel who have suffered injuries. Where is the disability allowance promised during the pre-election. All Liberal seem to be interested in is the environment, which is wearing itself out. The Defence Minister no longer has the respect from his department or the public, therefore should resign.