PATHETIC: Yale ‘Hunger Strike’ Students Will Eat When Hungry


Eight Yale University grad students are on a hunger strike to get better benefits from the Yale Administration.

There’s only one small problem with their hunger strike:

They’re eating when they get hungry.

Entitled fools

Here are the benefits Yale doctoral students get:

  • Free healthcare.
  • $30,000 stipend every year.
  • $40,000 tuition fully paid.

That’s not enough for them. So they’re going on a fake hunger strike.


Now, the Yale grad students are calling it a “symbolic” hunger strike, and when someone gets hungry they can go and eat while another “striker” replaces them.

That’s not how hunger strikes work. In fact, eating when we get hungry is how most of us act all the time.

This is the result of the “everybody gets a trophy” politically correct garbage that has done so much damage. These entitled elitist students think they are heroic for their pathetic fake strike.

What a joke.

Spencer Fernando