DOWN: Trudeau’s Approval Is Now Negative

Canadians turning against Trudeau’s elitism

A new Forum Research Poll shows that Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has now fallen into negative territory.

According to the poll, 47% of Canadians disapprove of Trudeau, while 42% approve. That puts Trudeau’s net approval rating at -5%.

That’s down a full 15 percentage points from where his numbers were half a year ago.

Looks like “Sunny Ways” are clouding over.

Trudeau’s net approval rating is worse than both Rona Ambrose (+9), and Thomas Mulcair (+3).

Conservatives & Liberals tied

While Trudeau’s numbers are down, the Conservatives have fallen 3% points compared to a Forum Poll in March, compared to the Liberals who are down 1%.

According to the poll, here is where the parties stand:

  • Liberal: 35%
  • Conservative: 35%
  • NDP: 15%
  • BQ: 5%
  • Green: 4%

Forum says that would lead to a Liberal minority with 152 seats, and the Conservatives closely behind at 137 seats.

Opposition must keep going after Trudeau’s failed record and betrayal of Canada

At every step of the way, Justin Trudeau has acted against the interests of Canada. Instead, he puts foreign governments and foreign corporations first.

Despite all the efforts by the elitist establishment media to cover up Trudeau’s dangerous globalist agenda, the Forum poll shows the truth is starting to get through.

But even after all the damage Trudeau has done, his party is still either tied or ahead in the polls. He gets at least a 10% point boost from the media, which means the opposition and grassroots have to bypass the media and spread the truth directly to the people.

Trudeau and the elites he serves won’t go down easily, and there needs to be relentless pressure to ensure they are defeated on a massive scale.

Spencer Fernando

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Negative, that’s what I love to see!

Alan Skelhorne

i would love to know why, he isn,t down further.i guess alot of people haven,t woken up yet, for what he has done to this country.

Francis Dryden

The GTA and Quebec. Period.


I must apologies, I voted for Trudeau, He turned out nothing like he said he would, Canada is being over ran with Refugee’s, This will change Canada’s future in years to come, They over produce to change the demographic. Stupid move Canada is a great country Today, 60yrs ++ from now, It will be the ran by Islam. You suck Trudeau, Your not a True Canadian. If I could take my vote I would, 100% I would. My Grand kids will have a fallout due to your BS!!


That’s what happens when people voting for Justin voted for the ‘book cover’ not realizing the dangerous context within the book. When Justin said that ‘terrorists have the rights to keep their citizenship’ was all I needed to know that he has no intentions protecting Canadians from the acts of terror’ nor do we expect the media to warn us of imposing threats to Canada.


how on earth did you not know he was a joke??? Firstly, he’s a trudeau, second a liberal, third he’s an ex-bouncer & ex-DRAMA teacher puleezeee I hope justin keeps doing what he’s doing so that even people with a little intelligence will turn away from this fleshy, self-loving, selfie-loving, braindead dimwit who can’t even form a complete sentence with out his uhm’s and duhs punctuating every other word out of his mouth … keep digging your grave justin I just hope Canada will be able to extricate herself out of this mess we are in now.


Goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover…even if it has nice hair 😉

Laurie Mapplebeck

Mr. Trudeau was not ready to be a leader of Canad! I also can’t believe that people still believe in him! We have the right as CANADIANS to stop a PM who is destroying our country. My father did not fight and die in WW11 for this to be happening to our great nation. Please wake up and do something before The Real Canada is gone! God Bless Canada


Thank God I had the conscience and intelligence to see through this idiot and did NOT vote for him. He has to be ousted NOW!

Sandra Clark

And he can keep on sliding down that hill…the faster the better. I have no faith in a Prime Minister that verbally and blatantly states to Canadians that “Canada has no core Identity”. I have no faith in him for letting in criminals and stating that they have every right to be here. His reckless spending, his entitlement issues and his complete disregard for Canadians is getting on my nerves. For a Prime Minister who is supposed to be working for Canadians and the best interest of Canada…he’s falling way short on that position. I have never seen a PM… Read more »


We should not wait for the next election! He should be impeached NOW and his government OVERTHROWN!

Pete black

It happened in U.K., it happened in US and it is happening in many countries especially China. The common people who love their country and those thousands who gave their lives to defeat the maniacs of history will rise up and eliminate the greedy elitists who are destroying fthe wirld


Please people it’s time to wake up. We are losing our once great country.

tim pedden

Keep up the good work , conservatives and ndp keep Hammering away at trudeau and his traitors .He has no respect for canada or Canadians , just tearing apart our country for soros .


This “Prime Minister” should NEVER carry such and Important Title! He is a DISGRACE and Canadians are the Laughing Stock of the World. Anyone who follows Canadian politics is aware of this Corrupt and Incapable Airhead!