DOWN: Trudeau’s Approval Is Now Negative

Canadians turning against Trudeau’s elitism

A new Forum Research Poll shows that Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has now fallen into negative territory.

According to the poll, 47% of Canadians disapprove of Trudeau, while 42% approve. That puts Trudeau’s net approval rating at -5%.

That’s down a full 15 percentage points from where his numbers were half a year ago.

Looks like “Sunny Ways” are clouding over.

Trudeau’s net approval rating is worse than both Rona Ambrose (+9), and Thomas Mulcair (+3).

Conservatives & Liberals tied

While Trudeau’s numbers are down, the Conservatives have fallen 3% points compared to a Forum Poll in March, compared to the Liberals who are down 1%.

According to the poll, here is where the parties stand:

  • Liberal: 35%
  • Conservative: 35%
  • NDP: 15%
  • BQ: 5%
  • Green: 4%

Forum says that would lead to a Liberal minority with 152 seats, and the Conservatives closely behind at 137 seats.

Opposition must keep going after Trudeau’s failed record and betrayal of Canada

At every step of the way, Justin Trudeau has acted against the interests of Canada. Instead, he puts foreign governments and foreign corporations first.

Despite all the efforts by the elitist establishment media to cover up Trudeau’s dangerous globalist agenda, the Forum poll shows the truth is starting to get through.

But even after all the damage Trudeau has done, his party is still either tied or ahead in the polls. He gets at least a 10% point boost from the media, which means the opposition and grassroots have to bypass the media and spread the truth directly to the people.

Trudeau and the elites he serves won’t go down easily, and there needs to be relentless pressure to ensure they are defeated on a massive scale.

Spencer Fernando