Harjit Sajjan Must Resign

A Minister of Defence has two main jobs:

  • First, they must strengthen our armed forces to ensure we have a strong, modern, and well-equipped national defence.
  • Second, they must earn the trust of the Canadian people by being honest and credible.

Harjit Sajjan has failed on both counts.

On Sajjan’s watch, the Canadian Armed Forces are more underfunded than ever. Spending on the military as a percentage of GDP is just 0.88, the lowest in post-war history. Sajjan has done nothing to reverse this trend, and it’s only getting worse. He’s failed the test of strengthening our armed forces.

When it comes to trust, Sajjan has destroyed his credibility by lying about his role in Operation Medusa. Sajjan falsely took credit for being the “architect” of the massive operation that took place during the Afghanistan War. Sajjan’s claim was blasted as a “bald faced lie,” and he was forced to retract the statement. By trying to take credit for the work of others, Sajjan has shown he can’t be trusted in his role as defence minister.

Harjit Sajjan has failed the two main jobs of a minister of defence. The military has weakened on his watch, and he has proven himself untrustworthy in his political role.

Because of that, Harjit Sajjan must resign.

Spencer Fernando

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General P. Malaise

isn’t that like saying Justine needs to resign. there is no democracy in Canada and no morality in the liberal party.

the people voted for these clowns. their only platform was marijuana and abortions. so why on earth would a lair need to resign in this climate?




I don’t know how this came to be so bad. I was driving down hiway 1 going west and there is a sign in that language (our ministers language) squiggly lines. I called the legislation to find out our language laws in Canada and surprise no one knows. At this time I did find out that Punjab in our third national language. Hmm how did this happen. I was frustrated at the lack of knowledge by the people we hv in power of our lives. What would our provinces look like if everyone started to put their foreign languages on… Read more »