PROPAGANDA: Liberal Minister Wants “True Redefinition” Of Canada’s Media

Government must stay out of the media business

In a disturbing comment, Trudeau government Heritage Minister Melanie Joly says there must be a “true redefinition” of Canada’s media.

The statement comes as the Trudeau government considers how they can “support” the establishment media – which likely means restrictive new laws and more taxpayer money being sent to the millionaire owners of elitist media institutions.

According to the Toronto Star, the government is reportedly considering plans to create a “fund” (potentially costing taxpayers $100 million) to support journalism, increased taxes on media subscriptions from outside Canada (including online), and taxation of digital ads from companies that “don’t spend enough money on news reporting in Canada.”

And who would decide what that means? The government.

A disturbing idea

There should be a clear divide between the government and the media. That divide is already nearly non-existent due to the CBC’s massive government subsidies and biased pro-Trudeau coverage.

But it seems that isn’t enough for the Liberals.

Not content with taking more than $1 billion in taxpayers money and giving it to CBC, they want to take even more and give it to other media outlets.

The Trudeau Liberals want even more government propaganda institutions.

Once media starts taking government money their objectivity will be fatally compromised. Despite lies about the media fund being “arms-length,” we know the government will benefit those who give them good coverage. Those who report the truth and hold the elites accountable will be punished.

That is the incredible danger of getting government involved in media.

Government shouldn’t interfere in a changing industry

Media is changing. Many of the establishment elitist media institutions failed in the market, and are now running out of money. It’s not the job of the government to fix that failure. People are choosing more grass-roots, independent media, rather than letting the elites dictate their message to all of us. That’s a good thing, because it means more perspectives are heard and more freedom of speech is being utilized.

But the Trudeau Liberals don’t see it that way.

They want the media to remain concentrated among a few elitist institutions that are far easier for the government to influence and control.

That’s what the talk of “saving” the media is really about. The government is trying to save their ability to spread propaganda, and they are trying to do so by once again taking more money out of our pockets.

We must speak out against this disturbing attempt to interfere with our media choices.

The government should not be interfering with a changing industry, and the fact that Trudeau and his ministers are getting so deeply embedded with the media is a grave concern for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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Frankly speaking, I don’t give a rats ass what the liberals and their media do for each other. I know Trudeau gov is using our money to fund the media to bribe them (imo) to keep their trap shut and continue doing as they have been doing for decades FOR THE LIBERALS ONLY. If the reporters want to be bought on severe conditions by the corrupt liberals to suit the liberals agenda, that’s their problem; their conscience. At least you Spencer, and others like you have freedom to do what’s right. Don’t feel pressured because we need people like you… Read more »


It appears Spencer is growing in popularity lately, keep up the good work Mr. Fernando.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada

Sally Anne

Keep up the good fight spencer…. hopefully you or me or anyone else who has the guts to voice their opinion don’t end up like the guy in sask who voiced his opinion on face book

Raymond of Canada

When the Liberals say they want to see how the government can support the media, what they mean is the exact opposite. We get a better understanding of liberals when we learn to read between the lines. I personally got a better understanding of Obama by learning to read opposite of anything he said or did.