DISRESPECT: Sajjan Skips Veterans Fundraiser, Will Still Speak To Industry Elites

Not long after Harjit Sajjan gave countless weak “apologies” after being exposed as a liar, he decided to skip a fundraiser for Canadian Veterans, citing an undisclosed “scheduling conflict.”

The fundraiser is called “To the ‘Stan and Back,” and raises money for Canadian Veterans and first responders who are dealing with the effects of PTSD and trauma.

According to the Canadian Press, Sajjan was scheduled to speak, but only gave notice of his cancellation at the last-minute, with his office reportedly saying he “had to be somewhere else.”

Sajjan’s office did not say what the scheduling conflict was.

Sajjan’s real reason: Hiding from Canadian Veterans

It’s pathetic that Sajjan’s office is trying to pass this off as a scheduling conflict. We all know the real reason Sajjan skipped out on the fundraiser: He doesn’t want to answer to Veterans for the disrespect he showed by claiming to be the “architect” of Operation Medusa when he was anything but.

He didn’t want to face true accountability – unlike the staged accountability in the House of Commons where Trudeau foolishly enabled his dishonesty.

He didn’t want to truly explain himself, or be confronted by some of those who may have actually served on Operation Medusa’s front lines – unlike another false claim made by Sajjan.

Sajjan will still speak to industry elites

Whatever “scheduling conflict” excuse Sajjan used Tuesday, it doesn’t seem to be causing him any problems for Wednesday. He is still scheduled to speak on the Liberals defence policy in front of a well-heeled crowd of industry elites, along with some military experts.

The fact that Sajjan could find time to speak to an elite crowd, but skipped a fundraiser for our Veterans says it all.

His apologies were meaningless and empty, because he is now representing the attitude of Justin Trudeau’s government – a government that has disrespected and underfunded our military while throwing taxpayer money to countries around the world.

Sajjan has only cemented the fact that the Trudeau government serves the elites at the expense of everyone else – even at the expense of our brave Veterans.

It’s another clear reason he must resign, but that seems unlikely in Justin Trudeau’s accountability-free Ottawa.

Spencer Fernando