By Keeping Sajjan, Trudeau Shows Total Contempt For Canadians

While campaigning, Justin Trudeau told Canadians he would be “different.”

He ran on “a new way of doing politics.”

He promised “Sunny Ways.”

While a majority of Canadians didn’t believe him, enough did to give him a majority government.

Whatever mandate and legitimacy he had, was based upon upholding his pledge to be a different kind of politician. That is why he was elected, and that is what the Canadian people had a right to expect.

But now, more and more Canadians can see the truth: Every step of the way, rather than show respect for Canadians, Justin Trudeau has shown us nothing but contempt.

He slanders those with legitimate concerns about terrorism, he sends people to prison for behaviour he brags about doing himself, he gives billions more away to other countries while our own people struggle, he raises taxes on families while bailing out his Bombardier buddies, he holds cash-for-access meetings where foreign billionaires get more privileged treatment than Canadian citizens, he takes steps to erode our freedom of speech, and much more. The list could go on.

In all of these actions Trudeau shows contempt for the people he is supposed to serve.

And now, by keeping Harjit Sajjan, Trudeau’s contempt is more clear than ever before.

Disgraceful lies

When Harjit Sajjan said he was the “architect” of Operation Medusa, he did not “misspeak.” He did not make a “mistake.”

He lied, and while much of the establishment media has used softer language for it, we must speak the truth.

Harjit Sajjan was caught promoting a false narrative, and if those in our military who knew the truth hadn’t spoken up, Sajjan would still be lying.

After all the recent controversy wasn’t the first time Sajjan called himself the “architect.”

He first made the claim back in 2015 on the BC TV show Conversations That Matter.

Clearly, Sajjan was trying to boost his image by taking credit for the work and bravery of others. He would have kept saying it as long as he got away with it.

Trudeau believes in one set of rules for the powerful, another for the Canadian people

By repeatedly lying, Harjit Sajjan disrespected the Canadian people, especially our men and women in uniform. If any serving soldier was caught lying in such a way – especially taking public credit for something they didn’t do – they would face serious trouble. Even in our regular work, we don’t get to take credit for what other people do without consequences. We wouldn’t get off scot-free with an “apology.”

But in Justin Trudeau’s world, apparently lying to the Canadian people is acceptable behaviour for government Ministers. Trudeau doesn’t see the Canadian people as important, so he doesn’t believe being honest with us is important. All that matters is his image and the spin (lies) his government tries to force on us.

So long as Sajjan is still willing to do Trudeau’s bidding by weakly going along with the decimation of our military strength, Trudeau is willing to keep him around.

Sajjan’s lies are a serious problem, but Trudeau’s willingness to keep him is even worse. It sends a clear message: In the eyes of Justin Trudeau, we don’t deserve the truth. Lying is acceptable. Deception is fine.

That’s as far away as you can get from “Sunny Ways” and a “new way of doing politics.”

In fact, while the previous Conservative government spun as much as anybody, they never had a cabinet Minister disrespect the military by claiming credit for an operation they didn’t lead. And during the Harper government, when controversies arose, cabinet members often resigned – for far less than what Sajjan did.

Contempt breeds contempt

Justin Trudeau retains a core of support. But a recent poll shows his approval rating is now in negative territory. It seems Trudeau’s contempt for Canadians is being met with growing contempt towards him.

That’s how it should be.

In a democratic country, a leader who forgets their place – being a servant to the people – must be defeated. While Sajjan must be removed from cabinet, the bigger issue is Trudeau himself. Attitude in the government flows from the top down, and Sajjan’s dishonesty and arrogance mirrors that of Trudeau.

In 2019, Canadians must express our contempt for Trudeau and his government by decisively kicking them out of office. Until then, we must keep relentlessly keep the pressure on and keep telling the truth about the government. Otherwise, Trudeau will cover up his contempt with another “Sunny Ways” act and gain power all over again.

That is something our country could not afford.

Spencer Fernando