There’s No Proof Trudeau Has Actually Met With Ethics Commissioner As Promised

After his trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island – in clear contravention of the rules – Justin Trudeau was put under an ethics investigation.

All along he has stated he is glad to “cooperate with the ethics commissioner,” something that would surely include an in-person meeting.

So, in order to verify that Trudeau’s actions were matching his words, opposition MP Chris Warkentin put forth an order paper question to find out what was truly happening.

Warkentin’s request was very simple: He wanted details of any meetings Trudeau may have had with Mary Dawson – the Ethics Commissioner.

As reported by the CP, here was the government’s response:

“The prime minister is happy to engage with the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner and answer any questions she may have.”

That’s it.

No details, no facts, nothing of substance.

And when the Ethics Commissioner’s office was given a request to share any info or proof of meetings between Trudeau and Dawson, their response was “No, we cannot.”

As Warkentin correctly pointed out, it’s “an insult to Canadians.”

Empty words

Canada has never seen a Prime Minister whose words were so empty. The Trudeau government believes it is entitled to act separate from the scrutiny and accountability of Canadians, and they have shown this throughout their time in power.

They don’t believe the rules apply to them, they think they are above explaining their actions to us. They expect us to just go along with the fact that they said Trudeau would “cooperate” with the Ethics Commissioner, without showing us any proof that cooperation actually took place.

It’s a total disgrace, and it’s a sign that Trudeau now believes he and his government can get away with anything – as we can see by him keeping Harjit Sajjan as Defence Minister despite all the lies.

Trudeau thinks he is beyond above being held accountable by the Canadian people. We must prove him wrong.

Spencer Fernando