We Must Restore The Meaning Of Canadian Citizenship

Citizenship must mean something for our nation to remain strong and free.

The Canadian Senate has adopted Bill C-6 An Act to amend the Citizenship Act. Here is how the Senate described the Bill on Twitter:

Bill C-6 Canada

This is a deeply disturbing piece of legislation.

It seems designed explicitly to destroy the strength and meaning of Canadian citizenship.

The Bill means Canada can’t take away the citizenship of dual-citizens who commit crimes, even horrific terrorist acts against our country. That sends the message that looking after the safety of Canadians isn’t a part of citizenship.

The Bill also weakens the requirement for some to have knowledge of our official languages, which sends the message that English and French don’t really matter in Canada.

But it’s worse than that. Here’s the summary of Bill C-6:

This enactment amends the Citizenship Act to, among other things,
(a) remove the grounds for the revocation of Canadian citizenship that relate to national security;
(b) remove the requirement that an applicant intend, if granted citizenship, to continue to reside in Canada;
(c) reduce the number of days during which a person must have been physically present in Canada before applying for citizenship and provide that, in the calculation of the length of physical presence, the number of days during which the person was physically present in Canada before becoming a permanent resident may be taken into account;
(d) limit the requirement to demonstrate knowledge of Canada and of one of its official languages to applicants between the ages of 18 and 54; and
(e) authorize the Minister to seize any document that he or she has reasonable grounds to believe was fraudulently or improperly obtained or used or could be fraudulently or improperly used.

Those changes add up to one thing: The meaning of Canadian citizenship is being stripped away.

Rather than being something deep and profound, citizenship is being traded like any other commodity. In Bill C-6, there is no sense of our nation being meaningful or worth protecting or cherishing. Instead, the Trudeau government is pandering for votes.

Canadian Patriots will have to restore the meaning of citizenship

The government is stripping the meaning from citizenship because they don’t truly believe in Canada as a strong nation. Trudeau wants us to be a post-national state, and strong citizenship and patriotism is a direct impediment to his goal.

That’s why we are seeing legislation like Bill C-6, and that’s why those of us who want Canada to be a strong nation will have to speak out in defence of Canadian citizenship, and restore its meaning.

Without strong citizenship and a strong national identity, Canada cannot survive.

We are a welcoming nation, and that welcome must be based on a foundation of core values and a common national idea. Without strong citizenship and patriotism, Canada will devolve into balkanized groups fighting amongst each other. We can already see this in the rise of identity politics, and the rise of politicians like Justin Trudeau who would rather exploit our differences to win elections, instead of focusing on what unites us as Canadian citizens.

Canada is based upon freedom of speech, freedom of religion, a respect for individual liberty, and – as we have shown throughout history – a willingness to fight for what is just and right.

If we stick with those core national principles, there is no limit to what our people and our nation can achieve.

But if we lose those principles by weakening citizenship and giving in to identity politics, the future for Canada is very bleak.

The passage of Bill C-6 makes it clear that Canadian citizenship is being weakened in a deliberate way. That’s why we must be just as deliberate in pushing back against those dangerous changes, and standing up for Canada as a unified and strong nation where citizenship has meaning once again.

Spencer Fernando