Trudeau Destroying Independence Of Parliamentary Budget Office

Justin Trudeau is ruthlessly dismantling accountability in Canada

Trudeau’s latest target is the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), which gives parliamentarians acting on behalf of Canadian taxpayers the ability to challenge the spending and figures put out by the government of the day.

It’s one of the rare internal checks and balances on a majority government, and it serves an essential function as a bastion of factual analysis – in contrast to the endless lies of government spin-masters.

Now, Justin Trudeau is destroying the PBO’s independence.

New legislation from the Trudeau government will clamp down on the right of MP’s to request spending estimates on government programs, and will severely restrict the ability of the PBO to make public reports.

Disturbingly, Trudeau’s proposed changes will also force the PBO to submit a “work plan” every year to be approved by the leaders of the Parliament and Senate (both controlled by Liberals).

This completely eviscerates any independence the PBO once had, and represents a serious denial of accountability.

Jean-Denis Frechette – the head of the PBO wasn’t even consulted on the changes.

According to the Canadian Press, Frechette ‘”was “furious” and then “puzzled” when told the government wanted to “reset the sometimes dysfunctional relationship with the PBO.”‘ As he pointed out, the PBO is actually highly rated by Parliamentarians.

Trudeau is further destroying the independence of the PBO by asking them to cost out party platforms in election years, which would turn them into an instrument of partisanship – a far cry from the original purpose of the PBO.

Harper created the PBO, now Trudeau is destroying it

The elitist establishment media won’t talk about this, but Trudeau’s actions show he is a far less accountable Prime Minister than Stephen Harper. While Harper clashed with the PBO on numerous occasions, it must be pointed out that his government created it in the first place as part of the Federal Accountability Act. Harper made it an independent office that could even disagree and criticize his own government.

And even when Harper and the PBO clashed, he never gutted it like Justin Trudeau is doing now.

The elitist media is overlooking Trudeau’s destruction of the PBO’s independence, when they would have attacked Harper relentlessly if he did even a fraction of what Trudeau is doing.

That’s why we need to spread the word about Trudeau’s anti-democratic actions. Behind the scenes, our government is being taken away from us piece by piece. We must expose what is happening, keep the pressure on, and ensure that our democracy is salvaged from Trudeau’s arrogant and autocratic actions.

Spencer Fernando

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