WASTE: Senate Spent $600K In Taxpayers Money On Don Meredith During Investigation

If there’s one thing the Canadian Senate is good at, it’s blowing through taxpayer money like there’s no tomorrow.

That disrespect for taxpayers was certainly the case during the investigation into Senator Don Meredith.

Recently, the Senate Ethics Committee has ruled that Senator Meredith should be kicked out of the Senate for his “inappropriate” relationship with a teenager.

However, it took them a full two years to make that recommendation, and in the meantime, us taxpayers were getting fleeced massively.

According to the Toronto Star, taxpayers shelled out a minimum of $600,000 on Senator Meredith’s salary, meals, office, travel, and other expenses while he was under investigation.

It is noted that Meredith stopped attending the Senate on a regular basis, but still kept his full salary along with a taxpayer funded allowance for hotels, food, and travel.


One set of rules for the elites, another for the rest of us

It’s outrageous that so much taxpayer money was spent on Meredith, but the problem goes far deeper than him. At its core, our political system has been rigged in favour of those in power – who get far more security in their job and pay than most of us ever do.

Imagine if most of us stopped doing our jobs. We wouldn’t have those jobs for long. Plus, most of us don’t get free travel, free hotel stays, and free meals wherever we go – all on top of our regular pay. It’s not just Meredith who gets those perks, all Senators and MP’s benefit get the same things.

And it’s even worse: The Trudeau government has raised the pay of all Senators, MP’s and the Prime Minister himself.

That’s why those in power are so out of touch with what is happening in the real economy. Wages are low and stagnant, job security is collapsing, and the cost of living is rising. The elites don’t feel or experience any of those things, so from their limited perspective, everything is going fine.

That must change, and changing it will require citizens punishing any government that falls into the elitist mindset and forgets who they truly serve. The political perks and benefits that taxpayers fund must be cut back, and our politicians need to start experiencing life in a way that is more connected to what most of us deal with on a daily basis.

We have to stay vigilant. The Senate will likely kick out Don Meredith and hope peopel forget that taxpayers are still getting screwed over in both the Senate and the House of Commons. One removal – even when justified – doesn’t fix the deeper problem.

The true first step towards getting some real justice for taxpayers is a new government. Justin Trudeau has done nothing but double-down on elitism and disrespect for taxpayers, and defeating him is the necessary first step towards reconnecting our government to the reality of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando