WATCH: Lying Sajjan Ripped By Opposition In Question Period

Harjit Sajjan’s weak apologies and talking point filled answers have done nothing to stem the rising anger against his dishonorable deception.

In the House of Commons, repeated – and justified – calls for Harjit Sajjan’s resignation met with the same talking points being repeated over and over again as Sajjan spoke many words but said nothing at all.

The opposition points out that military members who lie about their service could face court martial, yet as a privileged politician Sajjan is able to escape any consequences.

They also point to the growing list of people who served in the Canadian Military who say Sajjan has lost the trust of our armed forces and must resign.

But through it all, Sajjan just keeps giving the same weak and pathetic answers – obviously written by Justin Trudeau’s PMO.

In the video below, watch as the opposition rips lyin’ Sajjan and tries to get some accountability for the Canadian people

Any Prime Minister with even a shred of honour or good judgement would have removed Sajjan by now. But it’s Justin Trudeau we’re talking about here, and more and more Canadians are realizing honour and judgement are foreign concepts to the selfie king.

Spencer Fernando

*Interesting side note: Watch the body-language of the MP’s around Sajjan when he speaks. The Prime Minister may be foolishly supporting him, but those MP’s don’t look too happy.

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Kerry Clark

How can he sleep at night knowing what a terrible thing he’s done?? He sounded EXACTLY like trudeau did when asked! This government has to go and I mean NOW!!


i think the Liberial government has no Conscience!


Why did nobody confront him and say that he has to answer the questions. That he is repeating like a parrot and his answer does not respond to the question. Perhaps they could have asked him to respond yes or no only so he might have been able to do that. That`s the chinese technique, I have seen it in court.

Our politics are from the farce farm or wrap his material hat around his face then point him out the door.

Virginia McIntyre

This man keeps repeating the same thing to all guestions. He is stating what PM Trudeau wants him to say. He is not anwsering the questions directed at him.This man is a lier, a deceiver and a traitor. He must be bodily removed and court martialed. He can not be trusted.

Sally Anne

Google shiek.. he says he is a shiek.. he must b a embarrassment to his own people let alone Canada. The title he carries is next to the pope in the western world.. hahaha he’s so had the bun (literally)