Canada Needs A Large Military Build-Up Now

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan – now totally devoid of credibility after repeatedly lying about his “role” in Operation Medusa – recently spoke in advance of Canada’s Defence Policy Review.

In his remarks, Sajjan continued his pattern of deception by attempting to blame Canada’s military woes on the previous government, despite the fact that the Liberals have cut military spending to its lowest post-war total (0.88% of GDP).

Sajjan is clearly laying the groundwork for continuing the weak funding of our military, perhaps moving a billion or so around to give the impression that something is being done. Even if more money is announced, watch for the timelines of that spending, as Sajjan is likely to pledge spending spread out over a long period of time, making the yearly numbers almost meaningless. Plus, the Trudeau government already took $12 billion out of future military spending with massive cuts in previous spending plans, so unless they make up that amount, the government is still slashing our military to the bone.

In a dangerous world, the Trudeau government is choosing weakness and vulnerability

The under-funding of our military is a massive mistake, and it puts Canadians at risk. The world is becoming more chaotic and dangerous, and this is exactly the wrong time to weaken our military. With conflicts in the middle east, Russia strengthening their military forces in the arctic, China’s defence spending rising massively, and NATO facing more pressure than ever, Canada must have a strong military to be prepared to protect ourselves from threats.

We also need to face a grim fact: If the world falls into chaos and there is a scramble for resources, Canada – with a massive amount of land, massive oil reserves, massive amounts of water, and tremendous amounts of other resources – will be a target for other nations. While we can’t assume that scenario will come to pass, history tells us that being prepared for the worst is the best way to prevent it from happening.

That’s why Canada needs a large military build-up.

I’m not talking about a few billion here or there. We need to spend at least $10-$15 billion more per year, and $20 would be far preferable. Keep in mind, that would just bring us to the NATO target of 2% of GDP – which itself is still a small number.

Canada needs an expanded air force, a full rebuilding of our Navy, more ground troops and equipment. We also need to massively increase support for our Veterans.

We must be willing to pay those costs, because the defence of our people and country depends on it.

Our nation must shift our thinking on defence spending. All that we love and cherish about Canada could be lost – even if it seems unthinkable.

To ensure that day never comes, and to ensure our strength and credibility, Canada must begin a large military build-up. In this moment of uncertainty and danger, Canada must not choose the path of weakness and vulnerability.

Spencer Fernando