SICKENING: Government Punishing Troops Who Spoke Out Against Benefit Cuts

The Trudeau government is punishing Canadian soldiers for exercising the same freedom of speech they fight to defend for all of us.

Canadian troops serving in Kuwait – participating in the fight against Islamic State – used to get tax free incomes for serving in a danger zone.

Last year however, the Trudeau government shamefully took those benefits away.

Since then, troops serving at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait have been fighting to get their tax-free status back.

They had pointed out that other troops in Kuwait still had their tax-free status, and it made no sense to take it away from those serving in a dangerous place.

However, instead of restoring the benefits, the Trudeau government wanted to take the benefits away from another 300 Canadians serving in Kuwait.


Those troops at Camp Arifjan continued speaking out against the policy change, and thanks to their efforts and the advocacy of opposition MP’s, a vote in the House of Commons restored the tax benefit for those bravely serving Canada in a dangerous part of the world.

That should have been the end of it.

It wasn’t.

Trudeau government punishing those Veterans who spoke out

As reported by CTV, soldiers who fought against the change were told to take their concerns to MP’s, but were then investigated for complaining to those very same MP’s.

Then, the Trudeau government decided that the 15 troops at Camp Arifjan – who spoke out in the first place – would not get their benefits restored.

Keep in mind, this will cost the troops up to $1,800 every month.

Many people are rightfully outraged.

A mother of a Canadian soldier at Camp Arifjan told CTV the following about her son:

“He should have freedom of speech just like any other Canadian citizen. Why does he lose his rights as a Canadian citizen because he’s military? No.”

She added, “Any mission, in any of those countries, in any country that isn’t this one, is dangerous. You can’t tell me that he is going to be safe. You can’t tell me that they can protect him in a country that is volatile.”

Those 15 troops now feel they are being punished for speaking on behalf of their fellow soldiers.

Additionally, Canadian troops serving in the Sinai desert of Egypt – where the ISIS threat is growing – are also having their danger and hardship pay cut.

A sickening message

The punishment of the 15 Camp Arifjan troops for speaking their minds demonstrates that our government has a total lack of belief in freedom of speech. We have already seen this in numerous ways, but it is particularly sickening and despicable to see the very troops who fought for our free speech punished for exercising that speech themselves.

Spencer Fernando