Trudeau’s Cash-For-Access Events Are Starting Up Again

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau faced massive criticism after his shady cash-for-access fundraisers were revealed.

Instead of serving the Canadian people, the cash-for-access fundraisers showed that Justin Trudeau was giving privileged treatment to foreign billionaires – some of whom lobbied him to open up Canadian companies to foreign takeovers.

As criticism mounted, the Liberals managed to trick much of the establishment media into thinking they were ending cash-for-access.

They didn’t.

Instead, they made the following “changes”:

  • All fundraisers must be conducted in publicly accessible spaces rather than private homes or clubs.
  • These fundraisers must be publicly advertised in advance.
  • A public report on each individual fundraiser must be released in a timely manner. These reports would detail how many people attended and how much was raised.

As I wrote at the time, “Does anyone really believe that Trudeau won’t just go into a private room and talk to foreign influencers? Do we really think the government won’t just lie about who attends? Reporting on who attended and how much was raised tells nothing about what was discussed.”

Trudeau’s “changes” left the underlying cash-for-access flaw in place: Foreign billionaires and wealthy donors will still get access to Trudeau that most of us never get. Expecting honesty from Trudeau – especially with all the money he hopes to get from the fundraisers – is crazy.

Now, Trudeau is starting the cash-for-access fundraisers all over again.

Trudeau will be attending a cash-for-access event at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, and while the Trudeau Liberals say they will report the attendees to the public, they have a full 45 days to do so.

How could it take 45 days to know who attended an event?

Of course, it doesn’t take that long. But 45 days is more than enough time to scrub the names of anyone who the government would rather people didn’t know attended a Trudeau fundraiser.

Those little loopholes – and Trudeau’s record of total dishonesty – are why we know nothing has really changed. The Liberals took a cash-for-access break to let the controversy blow over and fool much of the media into thinking they were being more ethical.

Now they’re back at it.

Cash-for-access consequences

While much of the media seems uninterested in looking deeper into the cash-for-access issue, it must be pointed out that there are consequences for Canadians when Canada is opened up and sold off to the highest bidder.

For example, in a November 2016 cash-for-access fundraiser, Justin Trudeau was asked to open up the Canadian senior care market to ownership by companies based in China.

Then, about three months later, China-based Anbang Insurance – a company linked to China’s communist party elite – was allowed to buy Retirement Concepts – a Canadian family owned business that was the biggest assisted living provider in all of British Columbia.

That’s why fears about Trudeau’s cash-for-access fundraisers are justified.

Now that they are starting up again, we can soon expect to hear that Canada is being sold out like never before. The Trudeau Liberals may be making some money, but all Canadians will pay the price.

Spencer Fernando

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Canadian Wheat Board should NEVER, never been liquidated to Saudi Arabia investors!!