WATCH: Trudeau Refuses To Secure Canada’s Border

Despite surge of illegal border crossings, Trudeau won’t close the safe 3rd country loophole

In Question Period, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel explained to Justin Trudeau that there is growing fear and concern among Canadians living close to the Canada-US Border, as illegal border crossers continue flooding into our country.

Rempel asked the Prime Minister a simple question: Would he close the safe 3rd country loophole that is letting people illegally enter Canada?

Trudeau’s response? A bunch of empty, virtue-signalling talking points.

Watch the exchange below:

Trudeau’s disloyalty to Canadians on full display

As you can see in the clip, Justin Trudeau has no plan and no desire to secure our border. He is fine putting Canadians at risk and letting people flood into our country – many of whom are coming in without us even knowing who they are.

Clearly, Trudeau would rather continue getting fawning news coverage in the foreign press, rather than act in the best interests of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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