WATCH: Trudeau Refuses To Secure Canada’s Border

Despite surge of illegal border crossings, Trudeau won’t close the safe 3rd country loophole

In Question Period, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel explained to Justin Trudeau that there is growing fear and concern among Canadians living close to the Canada-US Border, as illegal border crossers continue flooding into our country.

Rempel asked the Prime Minister a simple question: Would he close the safe 3rd country loophole that is letting people illegally enter Canada?

Trudeau’s response? A bunch of empty, virtue-signalling talking points.

Watch the exchange below:

Trudeau’s disloyalty to Canadians on full display

As you can see in the clip, Justin Trudeau has no plan and no desire to secure our border. He is fine putting Canadians at risk and letting people flood into our country – many of whom are coming in without us even knowing who they are.

Clearly, Trudeau would rather continue getting fawning news coverage in the foreign press, rather than act in the best interests of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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K. aka Kel

Dang, what will it take to recuse this traitor from Office? Honestly, can we as Canadian Citizens request the Governor General do something?

Louis Paquette

Great question K. Aka Kel.

David Masschaele

He hand picked the Governor General. I doubt it!

Lian Walton

I have a message for Justin Trudeau – he does not speak for me nor does he speak for virtually everyone i have discussed this with – everyone – he is feathering his nest to make that Nobel a reality and if he-double hockey sticks freezes over and he wins it i have a suggestion on where he can mount it – what an embarrassment he continues to be for Canada .

Rose Laplante

Same here. No one I ‘ve spoken to about this agrees with his border policy. So what Canadians is he speaking for? Not me.


He is speaking for his donors………it’s all about that! And other pressure/special interest globalist groups, oh, and the Christian churches that get Fed grant money…….every illegal will eventually be a vote for the Liberals.

Donna Dynna

We should deliver these “refugees” to Trudeau ‘s house. I’ll kick some money to send them there.

marilyn nicholson

These people are not refugees nor are they fleeing from Danger…1/2 are criminals that trump will deport…I agree with Trump if you are here illegally and commit a crime back home you go.

Robert Williamson

I hate Trudeau….. everyone I know does too. He does not speak for me!!!!!!

Steve Pyke

Everyday this idiot shows how out of touch he is with the people who pay the bills. He rides on stroking his ego and Oblivious and more so incapable with the management of Canada. His popularity has weakened over the months and continues to do so, his lack of decision making skills makes him incapable with managing the simplest issues. It’s high time the Governor General step in a remove this incapable elitist puppet.


It really doen’t matter how he shows himself. He was voted in …….gag.

Lynn Jackson Gasbarino

The GG won’t do anything that will mess with his retirement which is set for September 2017.

Sally Anne

Where is our Riel? What happened when the east was running the west.. according to the true history books not wickpedia the man had seventeen rebellions we need more modern day Lois Riels.. two more years will be two years to long!!!

Sally Anne

O Canada we stand on guard for thee!!
Unfortunately our children between 20-35 live in a very small world with a ball and chain around their ankle(extreme debt) we as people 40 and older see what is happening in the world but the younger generation refuses to see the realities taking place all around them. How do we make these people see the light before it’s to late!! Gotta love that brave woman in the house to make such bold statements.. to bad her words for the most part fall on deaf ears.

Joyce Matthews

He is an idiot Why doesn’t the governor general do something