FORCED DIVERSITY: SJW Trudeau Will Take Money From Universities That Aren’t “Diverse” Enough

Our Pathetic Social Justice Warrior Government strikes again with Canada Research Chair “Diversity” quotas

In a disturbing irony, Canadian universities are being subjected to the same crazy social justice warrior mentality they have foolishly nurtured for so long.

The Trudeau government Science department under Minister Kristy Duncan has announced that Canadian universities will be stripped of Canada Research Chair funding if they don’t create “diversity” plans.

Universities that have at least five research chair positions must submit a plan to the government by December 15th to show how they will meet “equity targets.”

Jordan Peterson – University of Toronto Psychology Professor and strong defender of free speech and academic freedom – tweeted about Trudeau’s insane new policy:

Trudeau’s pathetic virtue signalling

What we are seeing is diversity for the sake of diversity. It’s virtue signalling on a massive scale, and represents an assault on academic freedom.

Research chairs should be picked by merit and only merit. When taxpayer money is being spent on research, we deserve to know it’s being allocated based on an objective view of which researchers should get the funding.

Instead, the Trudeau government is forcing universities to meet specified targets, regardless of the consequences.

For example, consider a scenario where a university has 5 top applicants they want to submit for funding. Those top 5 could be the most objectively qualified for the funding, but if they aren’t “diverse” enough, some of them will have to be dropped in favour of those a university may feel are less qualified.

That could degrade the quality of research being funded, which would be bad for Canada.

Merit must prevail

It is a shame that our government is so focused on race, gender, and other differences, instead of focusing on skill and merit. People of all backgrounds can excel in various fields, and creating false quotas is insulting to the very “minorities” the government claims to help. Each of us should be treated as an individual, and judged by our actions and choices.

I’m confident that the majority of Canadians support merit, and people of all backgrounds are tired of all the virtue signalling, as you can see in this reply to one of my tweets:

But unlike the Canadian people, the Trudeau government clearly doesn’t believe in individual merit or seeing people as individuals. Their politically correct social justice warrior attitude is obsessed with differences, and pushing identity politics above all else.

Now, Canadian taxpayers and academic freedom are being sacrificed for Trudeau’s SJW ideology.

Spencer Fernando

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Thank you Spencer for all your informative articles! I feel Canada slipping out of the hands of Canadians and under the control of UN and globalists! All our wealth and natural resources will be in the hands of other entities! What can we do? I feel so powerless and hopeless!


I am so sick of diversity that eventually white people will not be able to find work not because they are not diverse re. one could be metis, but because your skin is not dark enough.


I agree with you 100%.
I am so dam tired of Justin using my gender to suit his purpose. And yet women who want to live ‘free’ from the horrors of terror, cruelty stoning. FGM, Justin shows no interest of protecting. He has no use for women and that I know from his actions..
He doesn’t even allow his own women mps to think for themselves or for that matter, all of them.


It is quite evident that Trudeau was not picked on merit.


HE’S A DICTATOR and he loves it!
You’re right. He sees differences in people that we’ve been raised to overlook.
We’re all labelled according to THE DICTATOR’s vision.

J. Jamieson

Our country is doomed if we can’t place merit ahead of ‘ affirmative action’ hiring in UNIVERSITIES!! Academic researchers are part of a global community of others in their field. Canada will be laughed at if we send out academics who are’ short’ and ‘purple’, but whose research is way below international standards This will cause our universities to be the laughing stock of the world, and admissions will decrease dramatically. Just because Trudeau’s academic credentials didn’t matter to become PM, in the REAL world of hiring, it’s important to to graduates that their university has respect on the world… Read more »

Lian Walton

I will say it again – day by day it gets more difficult to remain proud of my flag – in all seriousness cannot something be done – this person is singlehandedly destroying our country – it seems every day some new atrocious edict comes down from the ivory tower – stop , stop , stop please .


I feel your pain and agree 100% with you. I just don’t know what to say anymore, so thanks for saying it.


Daddy did the same with bi-lingual ism. Forced it on people everywhere. Percentages were mandated in workplaces, promotions in the military were dependant on it. Makes me angry just thinking about it and now it begins again

Allan Waye

Uneducated Canadian White Boy Wrote;

Up yours…!


Diversity targets are against the law in Ontario. In Ontario it is illegal to discriminate based on race, sex, or ethnicity. As soon as Trudeau steps off of parliament hill the Ottawa Police should arrest him.