THE TRUDEAU ECONOMY: Weakest Wage Growth Since 1997

Canadians are struggling in the Trudeau economy. Despite massive deficit spending and countless positive talking points, the reality of our economic situation is grim.

According to Statistics Canada Data released today, Canadian wage growth was just 0.7% in April – the lowest level in two decades. It’s actually worse than that, since Stats Can only started collecting wage growth data in January of 1997.

This is a clear indictment of the Trudeau economy.

Halfway through his term, Trudeau’s economic plan is clearly failing.

The government is spending massive amounts of money, running giant deficits, and increasing our debt at a rapid rate. Unlike the previous government, the Trudeau deficit is not the result of dealing with a financial crisis. It is a deliberate choice, as Trudeau was handed a balanced budget by the Harper government.

So, the government is putting our financial future at risk by increasing the debt, while Canadians are getting absolutely no positive benefit from all the spending.

Beware the establishment media spin

The wage numbers are terrible. However, rather than take a deeper look at the facts, expect the establishment media to focus on the “drop” in the unemployment rate – down to 6.5%.

Here’s the problem with that.

Few in the elitist media will actually explain why the unemployment rate “dropped”:

More people gave up working for work.

It seems crazy, but the government doesn’t count people who have given up finding work as unemployed. The real number to look at is the Labour Force number – which excludes those who have (at least temporarily) given up hope of finding a job. In March 2017, the Labour Force was recorded as 19.62 million people. In April 2017, it was recorded as 19.57. That decline is due to those giving up looking for work. In fact, far more people dropped out of the labour force (45,000 people), than gained employment (3,000).

When considering population growth, the labour market has actually weakened, yet Trudeau and the establishment media are going to spin it as something positive.

We must push back against that spin.

True economic reality must be exposed

The reality of the Trudeau economy must be made clear to all Canadians, because it’s only going to get worse. Once the carbon tax is forced on Canada nation-wide, and once it keeps getting more and more expensive every year, the negative pressure on wages and the economy as a whole will put Canada in an even weaker position.

Justin Trudeau is ramming through a misguided ideology that concentrates wealth and power in government. His government doesn’t trust us with our own money, and they think the politicians can spend it better than we can. And yet, despite the continued failure of his economic plan, Trudeau keeps doubling-down on it.

We know how to get our economy back on track: Lower taxes, more efficient government, eliminating the carbon tax, a military build-up, and reducing regulations. That is the path to success and prosperity for Canada. It’s also the exact opposite of what Trudeau is doing.

That’s yet another big reason Trudeau needs to go. Our economy can’t afford him any longer.

Spencer Fernando