WATCH: Ambrose Shreds Sajjan For Lies & Cuts To Troop Benefits

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has no credibility left. Even before his terrible lies claiming to be the “architect” of Operation Medusa in Afghanistan, Sajjan was overseeing the historic weakening of the Canadian Military.

And rather than stand up for the troops, Sajjan has gone along with Trudeau’s sickening vindictiveness by denying danger benefits to Canadian troops serving in harm’s way.

Amid growing reports that Sajjan has lost the confidence of the military, Justin Trudeau’s contempt for honour and contempt for the Canadian people are the only things keeping Sajjan in his role.

Sajjan hasn’t even once explained his actions. Instead, he is pathetically mumbling the same garbage talking points written for him by the PMO spin-masters.

In the video below, watch as Opposition Leader Rona Amborse shreds Sajjan for his horrendous performance as Defence Minister.

As we can all see by Harjit Sajjan’s horrible non-answers, he needs to resign or be fired. However, that would require the government having even a shred of integrity, which is clearly not the case.

Spencer Fernando

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When the liberals won the election in 2015 I thought that Sajjan would be okay, but now it turns out that the liberal cup of poison has transformed and morphed him into his leader’s personality.

Resign now Sajjan. You have lost the respect of the military and shredded whatever personal honour you had.


There is one good thing that will come from him not resigning or being fired. It shows how little leadership skills, sense of right and wrong and just how arrogant little Castro aka J.T. Is! Wake up Canadians!


You can’t put HONOUR and the LIBERAL in the same line their all liers.

robert campbell

Rona, Why don’t you run for the Prime Ministers office?You would win easily.You don’t ah,ah,ah, like trudeau and sajjans.You even have nicer hair than trudeau. Most of all, you don’t lie like trudeau.

Kevin DAWE

i second that nomination!



Robin Banks

Do what’s right and resign. Anything less perpetuates your lying schmuck status. Standing on the graves of our fallen warriors in a pitiful show of self-aggrandizement. You and your boss are national embarrassments.

Pierre martel

Another ass clown. Drain the swamp. Liberals are a bunch of liars. What is happening in our country. All you need is lying skills to be a liberal today.

Graham Read

Seems like lying is what they all do best if they do anything without lies. Rona should have run for leader of conservatives. Makes you wonder what politicians think nowadays. Supposed to be working for the people instead of taking money for doing whatever they want and not caring. Don’t want to tar everyone as there are some decent people.


Sajjan, you did NOT inherit a mess, you created it! You are now reestablishing the funding that YOU cut! He lied yet again in this video saying they inherited a (defense) mess from the Conservatives…….lies lies lies!!! Step down, resign, this is disgraceful! No honour, no integrity, moral bankruptcy and corruption. This is not the kind of leadership Canadians want. And nobody believes his first two lies were a ‘mistake’ implying it was just a simple error with no intent to deceive anyone. Unless Sajjan is so daft that he didn’t actually know what his role was in that operation?… Read more »

Stephen St

Politician, lowest form of life in the universe.

Terry Black

Thank You Rona!


Notice that NONE of the Liberal Caucus is supporting the Minister…in body language…or applause…

Even the Speaker looked whipped right at the end after the Standing Ovation for Rona Ambrose!!!

Judy OBrien

Please change the rules so that Rona can run for the leadership of the Conservative party. She has doing such a fabulous job and the party could go far with her at the helm…..and I’m not speaking as a conservative, but I may change that at the next election


The art of BSing is a well oiled machine in the liberal system …MR SPEAKER …