IGNORANCE: Liberal Government Won’t Even Ask Why Sajjan Lied

For two years, Harjit Sajjan has been lying about his role in Operation Medusa – NATO’s largest head-on battle in the Afghan War.

Starting in 2015, Sajjan has been calling himself the “architect” of the operation, despite the fact that it’s not the truth.

And though Sajjan did provide a vaguely-worded apology for his deception, he has still not said why he lied in the first place.

No explanation has been given to Canadians for why our Defence Minister took credit for things he didn’t do.

Now, it appears we won’t be getting an answer at well, as the Liberal government isn’t even asking Sajjan about it.

As reported by CTV, Transport Minister Marc Garneau – who has recently been taking interview questions directed to Sajjan – says he has not asked Sajjan why he lied.

As Garneau told Evan Solomon on CTV’s Question Period, “I have not asked him that and I’m not going to.”

Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr is also refusing to ask Sajjan about his lie, telling Solomon, “I never asked him that question. Because … the fact of the matter is, he took ownership of his characterization of his role. Full stop.”

Those are embarrassing answers.

Sajjan lied big time, and has really only apologized because he got caught.

If nobody had publicly questioned his lies, he would still be claiming to be the architect of Operation Medusa.

The Trudeau government wants the issue to go away, but just because they aren’t trying to get answers doesn’t mean the rest of us will stop seeking the truth.

Weak talking points and avoiding the issue won’t be enough. Harjit Sajjan must explain why he lied.

Spencer Fernando

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Alan Skelhorne

trudeau has already pushed it aside, that whole liberal party is a farce, george soros is telling gerald butts what to do with his puppet trudeau, this once beautiful country is just about finished.


What I find insulting is watching a general, a member of the military forces stand with Justin Trudeau accepting Justin’s threat to Canadians when he Justin said this: “Canadian PM: We won’t bomb ISIS even if attacked,” by Raphael Poch, Israel National News, January 5, 2016: In an interview with Global News, Trudeau said that he sees no reason to change this new policy towards ISIS and the threat of Islamic terror, even if a terror attack similar to the one in Paris were carried out on Canadian soil. How can a soldier a general,sworn to protect innocent people no… Read more »