WATCH: Smug Trudeau Avoids Conflict-Of-Interest Question, Brings Up “Diversity” Instead

Justin Trudeau has faced numerous ethics investigations during his time in office, but despite his constant talking point that he’s “very happy to work with the Ethics Commissioner,” it’s unknown whether he has ever even met with the Commissioner.

Even worse, Trudeau could soon be appointing a new Ethics Commissioner – meaning he will get to appoint the person who investigates him.

As we all know, that is a massive conflict of interest, and the Opposition has rightfully questioned whether Trudeau would remove himself from the process to ensure real accountability.

Instead of answering the question, Trudeau pathetically tried to blame the previous government, and than rambled on about “diversity,” completely ignoring the substance of the issue.

After avoiding that question, Trudeau avoids admitting how many times he has been questioned by investigators. Rather than tell the truth, he arrogantly smirks as he recites his talking points yet again.

Watch the exchange below:

Through his non-answers, we can clearly see that Justin Trudeau has no intention of telling Canadians the truth about anything.

Spencer Fernando