Conservatives To Introduce “Non-Confidence” Motion On Harjit Sajjan

Sajjan’s lies are not being forgotten

Harjit Sajjan has been avoiding giving any answers for his repeated lies about being the “architect” of Operation Medusa. But just because he’s trying not to talk about it, doesn’t mean it’s going away.

Today in the House of Commons, the Conservatives will be putting forth a motion declaring a loss of confidence in defence minister Harjit Sajjan.

The motion will be tabled by James Bezan – Conservative defence critic – and will give MP’s the chance to vote on whether or not they have confidence in the dishonest defence minister.

Considering Sajjan’s lack of honesty throughout his tenure as defence minister, it’s tough to see how any MP could honestly vote against the motion.

In addition to his false “architect” claim, Sajjan has deceived Canadians when talking about our CF-18 mission in Iraq, and he also falsely blamed the Conservatives for cutting benefits for troops in Kuwait – even though the benefit cut was fully the responsibility of the Trudeau government.

Not just a mistake

Sajjan’s pattern of deception shows that his comment about Operation Medusa wasn’t just a mistake. In fact, he claimed to be the “architect” of that operation as far back as 2015, and only stopped once he got caught.

That’s why today’s non-confidence motion is important. Canadians – and especially our men and women in uniform – must be able to trust in the person who leads our defence department.

Sajjan has showen that he can’t be trusted, and therefore he must go. Today’s motion will show who stands for the petty partisanship of the Trudeau government, and who stands for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Allen Trowsdale

What about one for Trudeau period.

Patricia Marshall

Wouldn’t that be lovely?


Harjit Sajjan as well Justin Trudeau are despicable and both should be removed from their offices! The Canadian taxpayers does not trust the Liberal government !


And how many Liberal MPs will vote for this motion? I doubt that many Liberal MPs will vote for this motion, because they are under Trudeau’s puppet master Gerald Butts. He will make sure no liberal MP votes for this motion.


They will have to vote in favour otherwise they will look blatantly dishonest. Then the reputation of the House of Commons will start to crumble.That is a very, very important issue that involves many people. And if they vote to keep him, I know heads will roll, literally.

Patricia Marshall

I would fully support a vote of non-confidence. However, doubt that enough M.P.s would vote for it. The Libs won’t be allowed to, and even with all PC and NDP members, I don’t think it would be enough.


If a non confidence vote won’t work, what can the Canadian citizens do? There has to be something..have been reading and researching and Trudeau is following the Clinton, Obama distruction and corruption path to a tee. Even worse, his errogance makes me nauseous.. We have to stop him and his followers somehow.. he and his team are greedy self satisfying criminals. No morals. The people that voted those morons in better start opening there eyes to what’s really happening out there and be ashamed…