OUTRAGEOUS: Bureaucrats Charging Taxpayers For Elitist Rideau Club Memberships

The Trudeau government’s culture of disrespect for taxpayers continues

According to a recent report by iPolitics, bureaucrats in the Trudeau government are billing taxpayers for their memberships at the elitist Rideau Club.

The Rideau Club is seen as the centre of Ottawa’s business and political elite. Memberships there don’t come cheap: Over $2,000 per year.

Reportedly, top-level bureaucrats from eight separate government agencies have been charging taxpayers for their memberships, and this has been happening since the last federal election which brought Trudeau and the Liberals to power.

A den of lobbyists

The Rideau Club is a den of corporate lobbyists, so we can only imagine what may be taking place behind the scenes. It is a total outrage that taxpayers are picking up the tab for memberships there, as we are effectively subsidizing rich bureaucrats to get lobbied by rich corporations.

It’s a total disgrace.

Once again, the elitists take our money to enrich themselves

It would be nice if – just once – I could find an example of the government rejecting perks and benefits and actually showing respect for taxpayers.

It never happens.

Instead, they take as much of our money as they can, and when they run out they just take even more.

The expenses taxpayers are covering are crazy.

For example, the head of the National Arts Council, charged taxpayers $2,122 and $2,165 to buy Rideau Club memberships for their President and CEO.

The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation charged taxpayers $2,397 and $2,446 for Rideau Club memberships.

The International Development and Research Centre and Export Development Canada charged taxpayers over $6,000 combined for memberships.

The list goes on. And that’s just what we heard about because the opposition took the time to ask for the information.

Austerity for the people while the elites live large

As the government raises our taxes, runs massive deficits, and talks about how they’re “investing” carefully, we can see that they’re really just blowing through our tax money to live large at our expense. We’re told to find savings and austerity in our family budgets and wallets, while those at the top keep getting more and more wealth and power.

It’s a corrupt system, and to the elites we’re nothing but a source to extract money from.

The establishment media won’t spend much time on this story. After all, most of them probably want to get an invite to the Rideau Club themselves so they can feel special. We need to spread word through the grassroots, bypassing the arrogant establishment and going right to the people.

The more Canadians hear about the total contempt the government shows for us, the more will rise up and defeat them in 2019. And just as importantly, we will develop a new attitude in this country where we hold all government’s accountable at all times, instead of letting them rip us off behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando