TOTAL WASTE: Trudeau To Spend Millions On Worthless UN Bid

Just when you thought Justin Trudeau couldn’t waste more taxpayer money outside our borders, it has been revealed that $500,000 in taxpayers money has already been spent on a worthless bid for a UN Security Council seat, with millions more in spending on the way.

In 2021, two new spots will open on the UN Security Council. Canada is competing for those spots with Ireland and Norway. Already, money has been spent on stamps, and “travel & hospitality,” meaning perks for UN-connected global elites paid for by us.

As the bid goes forward, the campaigning for the role involves some incredibly shady and frankly disgusting actions.

As William Pace of the World Federalist Movement has said, those campaigning for the spot often try “to buy votes from countries that they ought to be insisting stop causing wars and denying human rights and committing religious and racial discrimination.”

And when it comes to money spent on the bid, Pace also notes that “Whatever the number is that they’re admitting to, you can be certain it is [many] times more.”

Additionally, Pace says Foreign aid is also used as a campaigning tool.


Money that should be spent within our country is being wasted on a corrupt and failing institution, with zero benefit for Canada.

Security Council votes are always controlled by the permanent members: United States, Britain, France, China, and Russia. Any one of those countries can veto resolutions, meaning the council almost never gets anything done. The few things they do agree on tend to be pathetically weak “statements” with nothing to back them.

So, Trudeau is wasting tons of our money on a worthless bid, while serious problems go unsolved here at home.

It’s pathetic, but it’s really not a surprise from the globalist elites who care only for their international images, rather than the people of Canada.

While problems in Canada go unsolved, our money is thrown away on “global citizenship”

Parts of northern Canada have the highest suicide rates on Earth, our seniors are struggling, our Veterans are ignored, the middle class is getting crushed, and good jobs are fading. These are just some of the problems facing Canada at this very moment. And yet, the government still finds money to throw away at the UN.

10 full-time staff have been hired by the Trudeau government to work on the UN bid, including two in New York City. According to CBC, those staff members will cost up to $1.05 million every year.

This is all part of Trudeau’s drive for “global citizenship,” where he focuses on everything that’s happening outside of Canada, while ignoring our own country and our own people.

No transparency

Canadians are being ripped off with this wasteful UN bid. Having a security council seat won’t do anything for our country. Our taxpayer dollars should not be spent on the United Nations, they should be spent within our own country.

Not only are we watching as our money is wasted, but we may never know home much is actually spent. As Pace said, “there are so many intangibles” when it comes to the final cost of the bid. And unlike the previous government that stopped wasting money on the bid when they felt it wasn’t going to be successful, you can bet that Trudeau won’t stop spending our money on the UN no matter what.

Spencer Fernando