COERCION: Universities Cave To Trudeau’s “Diversity” Funding Threat

On May 5th, it was learned that the Trudeau government would be forcing “diversity” quotas on the research departments of Canadian universities.

Our Social Justice Warrior Prime Minister and his government have announced that universities that fail to meet government mandated “equity targets” will lose their Canada Research Chair funding

Universities were given until December 15th to submit their plans.

Many have pointed out that researchers should get funding based on the quality of their research – not a politically correct diversity test.

As I wrote at the time, “Research chairs should be picked by merit and only merit. When taxpayer money is being spent on research, we deserve to know it’s being allocated based on an objective view of which researchers should get the funding.”

Universities quickly cave to the Trudeau threat

By threatening universities, the Trudeau government is trying to enforce their politically correct idea of diversity through coercive methods. But rather than stand up for merit or defend their academic freedom, Canada’s universities have caved to the threat.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, universities are falling all over themselves to fall in line with the government edict.

Pam Foster from the Canadian Association of University Teachers said, “This self-regulatory approach that’s been on the table hasn’t worked. This should work.”

Vianne Timmons – President of the University of Regina – is also falling in line. Said Professor Timmons, “I don’t think there will be a university president in the country that isn’t actively engaged in any selection of any research chair as we go forward. I’ll be honest, I think something like this is needed to push us. That’s unfortunate.”

Reading between the lines of Timmons and Foster’s statements, we can see that political considerations are going to come before all else.

Consider it this way: Universities are already the most politically correct places in our society. So, if they haven’t been meeting “equity targets,” are we supposed to assume that they are somehow prejudiced? Or, is it far more likely that granting research positions are among the few parts of universities that are still merit based and have avoided – until now – undue political influence?

No surprise that universities gave in so quickly

It’s no shock that so many universities are doing what the government tells them. First, they’re obviously afraid of Trudeau’s funding threat. Second, universities can’t even stand up to a few fringe SJW’s on their own campuses, so why would we think they could stand up to the SJW’s of the Trudeau government?

It’s a disturbing moment for Canada when political correctness starts destroying academic freedom, and it’s another sign that Canadian universities are losing touch with their true educational purpose.

Spencer Fernando