Only Patriotism Can Unify Canada

Across the western world, we are witnessing an incredibly dangerous and reckless experiment.

Leaders who consider themselves “citizens of the world,” are attempting to eliminate nationalism and patriotism, instead pushing a global worldview that “transcends borders.”

Nowhere do we see that more than in Canada.

While presented in positive terms as an “evolution,” for humanity, the truth about globalism is far more concerning.

The elimination of patriotism will not only weaken our society, it could cause our nation to collapse.

The fatal error of globalism

Those who seek to suppress and eliminate patriotism in Canada often say they are acting out of “respect” for the “diversity” of our country. They argue that having a strong national identity is “unfair” to the many different people who comprise Canada.

This is a serious error.

Countries that are made up of people from many different parts of the world need more patriotism, not less. Without a common national identity, people will splinter off into their own historical groups, rekindling old fights and grievances.

People will always focus on an identity. The choice for any country is whether that identity is a shared overarching national pride, or whether the country is nothing more than a bunch of divided groups.

The second choice – division – is clearly where we are headed. After years under the globalist ideology, our country – and the western world – is more divided than ever before. It’s also no surprise that the increasing power of globalism has led to weakening western economies, and the severe deterioration of western military power.

When the core identity of a nation is weakened, the economy and defences of that nation will inevitably weaken as well.

We have also watched as political divisions explode to unprecedented levels, which is another inevitable result of globalism. If a country is robbed of any sense of values and principles, why would people feel any sense of solidarity with their fellow citizens?

As patriotism recedes, anger and division rises.

The power of patriotism

Patriotism has been denigrated across the western world – including here in Canada. Globalist politicians may sometimes go through the motions of celebrating the history of our country, but they always keep it at a surface level. They’ll say some empty talking point like “diversity makes us stronger,” without ever discussing the core principles and values – individual liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion – that gave our nation our strength in the first place.

We have reached the absurd point where it is considered “offensive” and “politically incorrect” to encourage newcomers to embrace the core principles of Canada, despite the fact that many people come to our country precisely because of the society those values created.

Our country has forgotten the power of patriotism, and we are running out of time to remember it.

Patriotism can bring of incredibly different backgrounds together as citizens. It can turn people from strangers into part of a national family, willing to fight – and even die – on each other’s behalf. And most importantly, it creates an underlying national unity that brings a level of respect to our interactions with one another. When we see each fellow Canadian as a member of our shared national family, we are much more likely to treat each other with respect.

But all of that is being lost as a result of the dangerous experiment I mentioned at the outset: The experiment of globalism.

Patriotism is the only thing that can unify our society and reverse the damage of globalism, but getting there won’t be easy. The establishment, the government, and much of the media are still fully stuck in the globalist mindset, and they fear true patriotism.

That’s why Canadian patriots must be willing to advocate for patriotism through our own networks – first to restore the strength of the word, and second, to show why it so desperately needed in our country.

The path forward is clear: For Canada to survive and thrive, patriotism must overcome globalism.

Spencer Fernando