WATCH: Chrystia Freeland Grilled In QP On Broadway Tickets For Bankers

Over $30K in taxpayers money spent on Broadway tickets – many of them for bankers, diplomats, and other elites

I recently reported on the revelation that the Trudeau government spent $30K in taxpayers money giving out free tickets to a Broadway Play.

As I said at the time, “The play itself isn’t the problem. Called Come From Far Away, it remembers how Canadians in Newfoundland and Labrador welcomed Americans whose flights were diverted after the attacks on 9/11. The problem is that the Trudeau government bought 600 tickets to the event – all at taxpayers expense.”

Not only were tickets given to foreign diplomats – including reps from the United Nations, Qatar, and Kuwait – but wealthy bankers were also given tickets at taxpayers expense.

In Question Period, the opposition grilled Freeland on how the supposed defenders of the middle class could justify using our tax dollars to give free tickets to elites – who could have easily paid for the tickets themselves. As you can imagine, Freeland had no good answers.

Watch the exchange below:

Freeland didn’t even come close to answering the question. Canadians don’t have a problem with those who actually inspired the play being there. We have a problem with our tax dollars being spent on wealthy elites who could have paid themselves.

Freeland and Trudeau are clearly too arrogant to understand that.

Spencer Fernando

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Jason M

Unreal. What can they say? Over 800 million tax dollars to Syria in aid, and these perks to the wealthy. The spending won’t stop until we get Trudeau out. Election day can’t come soon enough.

Andrea Neustaeter

BAmazing that we have “Canadian values” when it suits but PM says we have no core values as Canadians. So which is it Liberal Party of Canada?


Tickets for donors? Or tickets for favours? Or just free tax money for Trudeau to spend as He wills…….? And hence, again, Canadian sheep keep eating grass.