WTF: Trudeau Liberals Spent Over $22,000 On SNAPCHAT FILTERS

The Selfie Prime Minister throws our tax dollars down the drain

Justin Trudeau – AKA the Selfie Prime Minister – has overseen incredibly foolish and frivolous spending that shows a disgusting contempt for the tax dollars of hardworking Canadians.

According to the Hill Times, over $16,000 US dollars ($22,000 Canadian dollars) were spent on Snapchat Filters – most of it spent by the Canadian Heritage Department led by Melanie Joly.

The filters are designed for the Snapchat smartphone app, which puts frames or images onto pictures and videos being taken on a smartphone. The Snapchat filters were set to activate in specific locations – including Iqaluit. That filter was used only 3 times – while costing the government $114.10.

Of the money spent, over half was by the Canadian Heritage Department, who spent over $13K USD on filters to raise awareness of the Canada 150 celebration.

For all that money, the Canadian Heritage Snapchat filter was used just 859 times.


The government also created filters for New Years Eve 2016 – even spending money to create a filter used at the Canadian Embassy in Washington.

Absurdly, the Environment Department even created a filter that was used only within one building. It was used just 31 times.

A slap in the face to Canadian taxpayers

Government budgets are huge. But when we look deeper into them, we see that they are made up of countless small decisions. Those decisions – a hundred here, a thousand there – add up to billions. That’s why things like wasting money on Snapchat filters matter. A government willing to waste money on something so pointless will also be willing to waste our money everywhere else.

That waste adds up, and it’s why Canada now has a massive budget deficit without any benefit to the economy or the Canadian people.

Canadians struggle for the money we have. We work hard. We make sacrifices. And then, we get betrayed by the government. They take our hard-earned money and waste it on garbage like Snapchat filters.

Their arrogance and entitlement is sickening, and they need to pay a massive price for it in the next election.

Enough is enough.

Spencer Fernando