The BC Liberals May End Up With A Majority, Or No Power At All

Recounts, absentee ballots & party negotiations leave final winner up in the air

The people of British Columbia have delivered what appears to be the first minority government in BC since 1953. But that could change.

Here are the preliminary seat count results:

  • Liberal – 43
  • NDP – 41
  • Green – 3

With 44 seats needed for a majority, the Greens hold the balance of power at this point.

Here are the preliminary popular vote results:

  • Liberal – 40.85%
  • NDP – 39.86%
  • Green – 16.74%

Recounts, absentee ballots, and negotiations upcoming.

With the Liberals just one seat short of winning a majority, upcoming judicial recounts could have a big impact on the results. In the riding of Courtney – Comox, the Liberals lost by just 9 votes, meaning the recount could give them a majority. Absentee ballots could also be crucial, as the Liberal candidate there – Jim Benninger – is a former Commander of Canadian Forces Base Comox. Many of the outstanding absentee ballots could be from Benninger’s former military colleagues, which would give the Liberals the win.

Negotiations with the Greens will also be a key factor. The Green Party is seen as more in line with the NDP on economic and environmental issues, and have also said any deal will require the other party to ban union and corporate donations. The NDP have pledged also opposed the influence of big money in the political system. And considering that the BC Liberals rely heavily upon donations from corporations, a coalition between the Liberals and Greens could be problematic for both.

As a result, depending on what happens in Comox and in negotiations with the Greens, the BC Liberals could end up with a majority, or no power at all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Christy Clark)