Court Ruling Makes It Tougher To Revoke Citizenship

A Federal Court ruling has struck down rules passed by the previous Conservative government, meaning it will be tougher for Canada to revoke the citizenship of dual citizens.

As reported by Vice News, the ruling means a trial is now required for every dual citizen who is set to have their citizenship revoked.

Before the ruling, the Minister of Immigration had the authority to revoke Canadian citizenship from a dual citizen in cases where the government believed the the citizenship was obtained by fraudulent means. The Minister could also revoke citizenship in cases where a dual citizen had been convicted of a terrorist offence.

Now, a trial will be required in those cases, rather than just a ministerial decision.

According to reports, all citizenship revocation cases are now frozen.

Trudeau Liberals letting terrorists keep their citizenship

The changes are largely irrelevant at this point, since the Trudeau government is already overturning Conservative legislation that enabled the government to revoke the citizenship of terrorists. Now, under Trudeau, dual citizens convicted of a terrorist offence still get to keep their citizenship.

It’s another example of how Justin Trudeau is devaluing the meaning of Canadian citizenship.

Spencer Fernando

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Funny though! Trudeau always wants to rule and impose but suddenly he wants to use the lenghty process or I should say the costly process for fairness. How kind! Anyhow it looks like Trudeau is on a destruction path and prefers to keep dangerous criminals to be fair to them rather than putting national security first and to be fair to Canadians. What a logic! 18 or 100 people are more important to him than 36 millions of Canadians. I guess he needs to go back to high school!