PATHETIC: Asked 23 Times, Trudeau Still Won’t Say If He Met With Ethics Commissioner

Today in Question Period, the Opposition tried once again to find out whether Justin Trudeau has actually met with the Ethics Commissioner.

This was also a day in which Justin Trudeau was taking every question in QP, which would at least give some hope of getting an answer, right?


The Conservatives used nearly every question to ask whether Trudeau has actually met with the Ethics Commissioner surrounding the investigation into his vacation on the Billionaire Aga Khan’s private island.

Trudeau didn’t once answer the question. He refused to answer the simplest of questions, and instead threw out his tired old talking point, saying, “I am pleased to work with the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner to answer any questions she may have.”

And yes, you guessed it. He even mentioned “the middle class.”

In total, Trudeau was asked the question 23 times, and he never gave a real answer.


Avoiding a question 23 times makes it crystal clear that Trudeau has something to hide. He’s afraid of revealing the truth to Canadians, so he hides behind talking points and shows total contempt for our right to know the truth.

Spencer Fernando