REPORTS: Jagmeet Singh To Run For Federal NDP Leadership

The Federal NDP Leadership race is getting another candidate.

Jagmeet Singh – Deputy Leader of the Ontario NDP – is poised to announce his leadership bid.

According to reports, Singh will hold an event in Brampton on Monday to announce his candidacy.

Singh is a 38 year old lawyer, and has been the deputy leader of the Ontario NDP since 2015. He speaks three languages – English, French, and Punjabi.

Singh will be competing against current official candidates Guy Caron, Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton, and Peter Julian.

Two other candidates – Pat Stogran and Ibrahim Bruno El-Khoury – say they are running but are not yet considered official candidates.

If elected, Singh would be the first Sikh leader of an official federal party.

NDP faces severe internal contradictions

Jagmeet Singh could bring some more attention to the NDP leadership race, but he doesn’t solve the severe internal contradiction facing the party:

The NDP is torn between their working class supporters, and their social justice warrior environmentalist supporters.

Working class Canadians want more jobs and more infrastructure spending – including pipelines – to help build wealth and give people more opportunities.

The SJW’s want massive restrictions on pipelines and the energy industry, and more regulations and taxes that will kill jobs.

The NDP is trying to keep those two groups in the same party, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, there is a big opening for the Conservatives if they can win over working class Canadians from the NDP – which would push the NDP even further to the left.

So far, there is no evidence that Jagmeet Singh or any of the other official candidates can fix the contradiction at the heart of the federal NDP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Jagmeet Singh)