SOCIALIST UTOPIA: Venezuelans Throwing Bottles Of Feces At Socialist Regime As Nation Collapses

Venezuelans have literally taken enough crap from their socialist leaders

According to reports, Venezuelan protesters are now throwing what they call “pupatov cocktails,” – literally jars and bottles full of feces.

Clearly, the socialist utopia is just around the corner…

Despite massive oil reserves, the totally incompetent socialist administration of dictator Nicolas Maduro has destroyed the economy. Inflation is the inflation rate is over 1,000%, looting is rampant, food shortages are everywhere, and in some parts of the country are in such desperate straits that cannibalism and the eating of pets has been reported.

Rather than remove socialist restrictions on the economy, the government has clamped down more and more. Every ever to centralize control has backfired – weakening the economy even more. Venezuela is now a failed state, but the Maduro socialist regime remains in power due to their willingness to violent suppress the people.

Recently, an armoured vehicle ran over 300 protesters, and many Venezuelan citizens have been killed.

Hilariously, the government of Venezuela actually issued a public “warning” against throwing feces, calling it a “biological weapon.” Obviously, if people are resorting to literally throwing crap at a regime, they won’t be listening to public service announcements.

We all knew socialism was pretty disgusting, but Venezuela is taking it to a new level.

On a serious note, Venezuela’s collapse is a warning to all of us. Centralized government power and socialist thinking ends in the destruction of prosperity, violence, and massive suffering.

That’s why we must protect individual liberty, and economic freedom, so we aren’t dealing with the crap Venezuela is experiencing.

Spencer Fernando