WATCH: Trudeau Government Ripped For Billionaire Banker Giveaway

The dangerous Canada Infrastructure Bank is being rammed through Parliament by the Trudeau government. They’re doing everything they can to avoid explaining to Canadians why they are giving billions in taxpayer dollars to the banks, even as taxpayers get stuck with all the risk.

The opposition has been working to raise awareness about how Canadians are being sold out, and they kept the pressure up today in Question Period.

In the clip below, watch as Opposition MP Pierre Poilievre rips Liberal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi for giving our money away to billionaire bankers, and giving them months of behind the scenes access to the top level of government

Spencer Fernando

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And by “infrastructure” he means social engineering projects …


For sure it’s not roads and bridges! Well, it might be roads and bridges in other countries? No, I thought so. The Trudeau Foundation is more where the infrastructure money goes.