Trudeau Ignoring Report Warning Against Infrastructure Bank

As the Trudeau government goes ahead with plans to ram through the Canada Infrastructure Bank with almost no review, it has been revealed that an internal federal report is warning of serious problems.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, the report created by KPMG for Infrastructure Canada says the bank could “duplicate the work of provinces, slow down projects with new layers of bureaucracy and expose Ottawa to ‘public relations disasters and embarrassment.'”

The report also points out that Canadians will not be supportive of what the big banks controlling the fund will want – which will include tolls on roads and bridges.

Think about that for a moment: Thanks to Justin Trudeau, we could soon be paying tolls to banks and foreign hedge funds to use our own roads and bridges.

What a disgrace.

When he talked about “Real Change,” Trudeau must have been telling the bankers what he would deliver for them.

Infringing on provincial jurisdiction

It’s well known that Justin Trudeau is obsessed with centralizing power in his hands. That’s why it’s no surprise that the infrastructure bank could infringe on provincial jurisdiction.

As the report points out, the majority of infrastructure in Canada is provincially or municipally managed, and over half of Canadian provinces already have public-private partnerships for some infrastructure projects.

Disturbingly, the Trudeau government originally tried to hide the report and refused to release it to the public. A researcher was able to obtain a redacted copy – which means we could be missing many details.

Project delays

The new bank could actually slow down infrastructure projects in Canada – which are slow enough as is. According to the Globe & Mail, “The government has said the bank would identify a “pipeline” of priority projects across the country. However, KPMG said it heard concerns that this could actually produce delays. “It is unclear whether there is a need for such a pipeline at the federal level,” it states. “The agency will need to ensure that it does not become a bureaucratic impediment to project development, which could drive private investment away.”

Despite the report calling for serious consideration, the Trudeau Liberals are still trying to ram the bank through Parliament with just two hours of study.

Trudeau must really be rushing to serve the banks, and he certainly doesn’t want the Canadian people looking to closely into this impending disaster.

Spencer Fernando

Trudeau is selling out our country to billionaire bankers.

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