VIDEO: Trudeau Avoids Same Question 23 Times

How many times did Justin Trudeau meet with the Ethics Commissioner?

It’s the simplest of questions. But apparently, it’s too tough for Justin Trudeau to answer.

As I reported yesterday, Trudeau was asked that same question 23 times in Question Period.

He never answered it.

He certainly talked a lot, but nothing he said answered that very simple and very direct question.

Now, here is the video from Question Period showing Trudeau avoiding the question time and time again. Watch it below and share it widely to show Canadians how Trudeau avoids the truth:

The arrogance is unbelievable. Trudeau believes he is above the rules. He believes the Canadian people are meant to serve him, not the other way around.

That’s why he must be defeated in 2019. In the meantime, grassroots Canadians need to keep sharing the truth and spreading the word about Trudeau’s disrespect and contempt for Canadians.

The more pressure we put on the government, the more we can mitigate the serious damage they are doing to our country.

Spencer Fernando

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Lian Walton

Sorry Spencer – i could not watch it to the end – this person is our representative to the world – what he fails to understand is that this behaviour will eventually catch up with him – just look at Loretta Lynch – this behaviour is absolutely identical to her answers to the house oversight committee in the U.S. . He will pay for his deception and arrogance – my worry is how much damage will he do to our country before we can get him out of there .

Richard Zawistowski

perhaps the questions asked should have been when he is going to jail to serve his time for breaking Canadian laws


Wow. This guy is insufferable! He’s acting like a petulant teenager and he is a Prime Minister of Canada?!
Can Canada impeach PMs, because this is certainly a good case.

Victor Dugas

Some of us knew that under his leadership our country would be destroyed. Once he got all the pot heads to vote for him…in the meantime disappointing them by not legalizing pot as he promised (basically because he cant…since the laws of Canada are much more complex then he realized), we are watching our country be destroyed by the inside out…and he is just there all smug breaking the law…thinking he is so intelligent…by not answering a question…well that I would like the answer too…I am sure many of the readers here also want to know this too because it… Read more »

bernie moore

Where in hell is the Governor General why is he not stnding up for Canada and removing this complete moron from parliament and today

Caleb Broeker

I voted for this man. I myself believe in democratic-socialist policies, and therefor call myself a “Liberal”, but when you are given a leader such as this, where do you turn? This is a disgrace! I’m more than repulsed! Do you want me to vote differently next year, Liberal party? Because you’re more than earning it.

Bill Evans

Are the Persons sitting behind the Silly Boy who answers to the call for Mr. Prime Minister not embarrassed by His verbal sparring and refusal to answer a simple question asked many times? He is an insult to all Canadians, I believe We all expect more of Our expensive elected representatives.

Galen Gannon

The liberal back benchers were a pretty somber bunch during the entire debacle. :>/

dustin johnston

Who cares how many times he met with the ethics commissioner? Do any of you care?

Patrick Watson

it’s got to be somewhat embarrassing to a Trudeau fan,,,,truly embarrassing!

Kassiani Thiveou

I’m glad I never backed this moron. He thinks this is a joke, could barely keep the smile from his face.

unfortunately our government elected officials are not in it to do good for the country but to get hi salaries, absolutely ridiculous pensions for the short time they spend in office and touring the world at the expense of taxpayers. plus access to info on private business deals for when they quit or get voted out and all the glorious expense paid functions attended by them and their rich guests. today the term for sucker is taxpayer. so keep voting keep, paying your taxes, wouldn’t want our elected officials to think were stupid