FOOLISH: Trudeau’s Oil Tanker Ban Will Destroy Jobs & Increase Poverty

Saudi Arabia & OPEC will be saying a big thank you to Trudeau for this move that will damage our energy industry and hurt Canadian workers.

In a rare move, Justin Trudeau has actually kept one of his campaign promises. Unfortunately, he chose to keep a terrible promise.

The Trudeau government is introducing legislation that will ban almost all oil tankers from operating along the Northern Coast of British Columbia. According to the CP, the ban will be in effect from the northernmost part of Vancouver Island up to the BC-Alaska border.

The ban – which follows Trudeau’s rejection of the Northern Gateway pipeline – will also prevent future pipeline projects in that area – a huge blow to the future of the Canadian energy industry.

There will be some limited exemptions in the legislation – for fuel going to northern communities, and for science/environmental purposes. Of course, those exemptions will be up to the Minister of Transportation.

Indigenous group opposes Trudeau’s move

As reported by the CP, “One indigenous resource development group behind an energy corridor proposal in B.C. and Alberta accused the government of imposing a blanket ban against the wishes and interests of First Nations.”

The group – Eagle Spirit Energy – is upset that Trudeau is telling them what they can or can’t do on their territory, and they say his policy will hurt indigenous economic development.

As we can see, for all his talk about supporting indigenous communities, Trudeau’s real record is actually a disaster. By pandering to the social justice warriors, he is implementing policies and regulations that will destroy economic opportunity across Canada – including in many Indigenous communities that are seeking economic growth and prosperity.

A win for Saudi Arabia, a loss for Canada

Every time the Trudeau government puts more restrictions on our oil industry, it’s a win for Saudi Arabia and OPEC, and a big loss for Canadians.

Trudeau’s decision will destroy jobs and it hurts Canadians.

Look at the level of wealth in some of the gulf oil producing countries, and then look at the serious economic struggles facing Canada. The government is literally choosing poverty when they block the growth of our oil industry. There are millions of Canadians who could be more financially secure, more free from debt, and have more opportunities – if only our foolish government would take their boot off the neck of the Canadian energy industry.

Trudeau’s decision on oil tankers shows that under his “leadership,” Canada will never achieve the full wealth and prosperity we deserve as a nation.

Spencer Fernando


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