ALL TALK: What We Can Expect From Trudeau’s Defence Review

The Trudeau government is currently working on their “Defence Review,” which will detail their plans for the future of the Canadian Military.

While they have been talking a big game ahead of time, the actual actions of the Trudeau government have shown their disregard for the military – with the budget being cut down to the bone.

With that in mind, here’s what we can expect from Trudeau’s Defense Review:

Lots of spending – in the “future”

  • The Trudeau government will want to give the appearance that they are spending a lot more, so they will throw out some big numbers. However, watch for how much is actually going to be spent soon, and how much is going to be spent far down the road. They’ll try to take credit for the long-term numbers, even though they will just “delay” that spending when the time comes – as they have already delayed over $12 billion in equipment spending so far.

Blaming the Conservatives

  • Military spending has fallen to a historic low under the Trudeau government – who made massive cuts to our armed forces. Despite that truth, expect them to avoid taking responsibility and instead blame previous governments – especially the Conservatives – for the current state of Canada’s military.

Combining years of spending to get big and quotable numbers

  • Similar to the first point, expect the Trudeau government to combine  years of “future spending” into big numbers they repeat over and over again. For example, if they pledge $2 billion more a year for the next decade, they will likely refer to that as a “$20 billion increase in military spending,” leaving out the long time frame. Take a look at the real yearly numbers, they will almost certainly be far less than what our military really needs.

Platitudes about how we “punch above our weight”

  • Expect the government to say our contribution to NATO is somehow disproportionate to our military spending. “Punching above our weight,” may be said more than once when Ministers speak to the public. It’s a nice talking point, but it ignores the fact that there is no substitute for substantial military spending when it comes to building a strong national defence. You can’t defend a nation with words.

Lots of talk, little action

When the defence review is released, the government will throw out a bunch of numbers and get a lot of attention from the media. They’ll do everything they can to give the impression that they are making “historic” investments in the Canadian Military. But when we look below the surface, we can expect to see the emptiness of this government’s promises, and their weakening of our military will continue behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter