Trudeau Must Say No To Slaughterhouse Mali “Peacekeeping” Mission

Canada must not send our underfunded troops into a dangerous country under United Nations command

The Trudeau government is considering sending Canadian troops to the African nation of Mali for what they claim is a “peacekeeping” mission.

The troops would be under the command of the United Nations.

Both the government and the establishment media are using the same talking points about the “peacekeeping” mission, but they are pushing a false narrative.

There is no peace to keep in Mali.

In an article arguing for Canada to send troops to Mali, Paul Wells inadvertently makes the case against it:

Says Wells, “It’s a slaughterhouse, it extends into other countries, and on both sides the combatants, tired of fighting this combination of a civil war (or string of civil wars) and a terrorist insurgency, have started to team up.”

Why would Wells think Canadian troops should be sent into a slaughterhouse? How can Wells call it a “peacekeeping” mission in one sentence and a “slaughterhouse” in another?

How does intervening in Mali serve Canada’s national interests?

As I recently wrote, the Canadian Military is issuing warnings to the Trudeau government about intervening in Mali.

Among their concerns are the 100 peacekeepers who have been killed in that country, and the tendency of UN missions to go much longer than originally planned. Do we really want our troops stuck in Mali for years or even decades?

Immoral to send an under-equipped military into a slaughterhouse

The Trudeau government has cut the military to its lowest level in modern history. Just 0.88% of GDP goes to the military.

Trudeau even took $12 billion out of the budget for future equipment purchases. Our already suffering military is being gutted.

Because of that gutting, it would be highly immoral to send our troops into harms way at the same time they are being so terribly underfunded.

If we had a highly equipped air force, I would support launching airstrikes against ISIS in Mali. But we don’t have a highly equipped air force. Since that’s not an option, the government is considering boots on the ground – 600 troops put into that highly unstable country.

That must not happen, and as you can see from the results of a Twitter poll I conducted (559 votes), many Canadians are deeply opposed to a Mali mission:

Trudeau may want to send troops to Mali to boost his own image with the United Nationswhich is a horrendous reason for our troops to be put at risk. That’s why Canadians must speak out and make it clear that we will not support putting our troops into the Mali slaughterhouse.

Canada must act in our national interest. And right now, our national interest is best served by staying out of Mali. We need years of strengthening our military before we should even consider something like that.

Spencer Fernando