WATCH: Opposition Attacks Trudeau Government For Selling Out To Globalist Elite Bankers

The Trudeau government continues pushing ahead with their dangerous infrastructure bank, which is a $35 billion giveaway to the richest banks in the world.

Clearly having learned nothing from the 2008 Financial Crisis, Trudeau is determined to give more power to the biggest financial institutions, while he piles more taxes, regulations, and restrictions on the rest of us.

As you can see in this clip from Question Period, the government has no good explanation for why they are giving so much money and power to the banks. All they have are the same tired talking points that don’t address the real issue.

Notice how the Trudeau government member barely looks up from his text? He’s not thinking for himself, he’s just reading his approved lines from the Prime Minister’s Office.

We need to spread the word far and wide about how dangerous this “infrastructure bank” really is. It lets the banks keep all the profits, but it will stick us taxpayers with all the losses.

It is a total betrayal of our country, and Canadians need to know the truth.

Spencer Fernando