The Betrayal Of Working Class Canadians Must End

Working Class Canadians are the backbone of our economy. The industries that keep Canada going are sustained by working class people with strong patriotism, a dedication to Canada, and a willingness to stand up for our Canadian principles and values.

Our government has contempt for those facts.

There was a time when working class and middle class could be seen as the same thing in Canada. Good jobs were plentiful, and every generation could see improvement for themselves, and their children.

Unfortunately, we can clearly notice how that’s far from the case today.

Now, years of government actions have betrayed working class Canadians, and our middle class is under assault like never before.

While parties of different political stripes have some responsibility for the damage done to working class Canadians, the Trudeau government has taken things to a new level.

Look at who is damaged most severely by the policies of the Trudeau government. It’s never bureaucrats or those living in elite urban enclaves. It’s never politicians, or CEO’s, or bankers.

It’s always working Canadians who get hit by the regulations that destroy businesses, carbon taxes that make everything more expensive, gas taxes on people who need to be able drive, and the rising tax burden that erodes our purchasing power.

As many people are noticing, inflation is eroding any small wage gains Canadian workers get. As a result, people are becoming poorer. If you’re working harder and harder and yet falling further behind, you’re not alone. It’s happening all across our country.

Those in the elite, and those with connections to the elite, are able to influence government policy and redirect taxpayer money to enrich themselves. They decimate entire industries in the name of the “environment,” while enhancing their own wealth and power.

They’ve decided that the oil industry has to be eliminated and replaced with “green” energy, so they are piling up all the taxes and regulations necessary to shut that industry down over time. Hundreds of thousands – and then millions – will suffer through lost jobs and lost economic opportunity – but the elite will be totally unaffected.

This amounts to a betrayal of Canada’s working class.

Eroding patriotism

It’s more than economic damage. The values of patriotism and a strong Canadian identity are being eroded by elites who believe they are “global citizens,” and want to eliminate national identity in favour of globalism. It’s no coincidence that globalism has also financially enriched the elites at the expense of working class people, and the more globalism they push on us the more Canadians will suffer.

This betrayal is already having consequences for our economy, and it puts our country at serious risk.

Recent problems among Canadian lenders – Home Capital’s near collapse, all banks downgraded by credit rating agency – and the ongoing problem of massive household debt, are all a result of policies that have betrayed the working class and are crushing the middle class. Stagnant wages are caused by excessive government restrictions that slow the economy, and that stagnation increases debt levels as people try to keep up their standard of living while also dealing with higher taxes. With less income, debt is often the only way for people to maintain their standing.

We also see how the concentration of wealth in the government and banking sector has skewed economic stats, making it look like GDP and the fake unemployment rate (which leaves out people who quit looking for work), no longer have any relation to what the vast majority of Canadians experience in our own lives.

A new mindset is needed

So long as those like Trudeau remain in power, the government will continue serving only the interests of international banks and global corporations, while working class Canadians keep getting screwed over. Because of that, a new political mindset is needed, a mindset that focuses 100% on what is good for Canadian workers, Canadian businesses, and our middle class. 

Its not that the solutions aren’t there. It’s just that the elites are afraid to allow them. Here are steps we could take to fix things:

  • A smaller and more efficient government.
  • Lower taxes for individuals and families.
  • Refuse to sign trade deals that let foreign countries have jurisdiction over our laws.
  • Redirect spending towards infrastructure instead of bureaucracy.
  • Increase individual liberty.
  • Building up our homegrown defence industry.
  • Scrapping taxpayer funded giveaways to the biggest global corporations and international banks.
  • End the carbon tax.

This would be easy to do. We would just need a government that actually cared about our country.

Imagine the prosperity our country could have if we made those changes. The betrayal of our working class would be ended, and we could be creating the country we dream of – a place where every Canadian has opportunity and we take back power from the failed elites.

Spencer Fernando


​The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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