MORE CORRUPTION? Trudeau Facing NEW Ethics Crisis

On the same day the government announced the PM was “recusing” himself from the pick of the next Ethics Commissioner because of his ongoing Aga Khan trip problem, Justin Trudeau has been accused of a new ethics violation.

The accusation was made by Democracy Watch – a non-partisan group that advocates for government ethics.

Here’s the issue:

In June 2016, Trudeau appointed John Herhalt as the Treasurer of the Liberal Party. Herhalt was the “public sector leader” for KPMG – a large accounting firm.

The exact same month Trudeau appointed Herhalt as Liberal Party Treasurer, a committee dominated by Liberal MP’s shut down an investigation into KPMG for using the Isle of Man as an offshore tax-dodge.

Herhalt had originally left KPMG in 2013, but he went back in 2016. He stayed with KPMG until October of 2016, meaning he spent five months managing the finances of the Federal Liberals, while also working for KPMG.

In fact, it has been reported that Herhalt still uses his KPMG email, phone number, and voicemail. Even worse, Herhalt’s bio was only taken off the KPMG website today, as this news broke.

I am sure you can see the serious problem here, and it’s why Democracy Watch rightfully sees it as a huge ethics issue.

The head of Democracy Watch is Duff Conacher, a well-respected advocate who teaches about government and ethics at the University of Ottawa. He is not a partisan figure, so Trudeau government efforts to dismiss his concerns can be seen for the political propaganda they are.

KPMG ran “Sham Scheme” for millionaires

The investigation into KPMG was looking at a disturbing issue. As reported by CBC, “The CRA has alleged that KPMG ran a “sham” offshore scheme for multimillionaire Canadians that was “intended to deceive” the federal treasury.”

Notice that the Trudeau government shut down the investigation into KPMG on June 7th, 2016 – the same month Herhalt was appointed by Trudeau.

Shutting the investigation down and then appointing Herhalt so quickly certainly looks incredibly corrupt to many people.

And Trudeau bears direct responsibility. No appointment of a treasurer can happen without Trudeau’s approval, meaning he would have known exactly who Herhalt was.

This wasn’t just some mistake. It’s a serious ethical problem for a government already facing a growing public perception of deepening corruption.

And this is just what we’ve heard about. Imagine what’s going on behind the scenes.

Trudeau’s unethical government

It feels like every day brings a new Trudeau ethics scandal.

In his time in office, Justin Trudeau has already faced four ethics investigations. Now, this could be number five. The fact that it involves a company that was helping the elites avoid their taxes is yet another example of Trudeau serving the powerful at the expense of everyone else.

We can see how Trudeau’s arrogant and elitist attitude, combined with his contempt for Canadian taxpayers, is creating one ethical problem after another. He was never focused on helping Canadians, just enriching those in his social circle.

Canada is a beautiful country, and we deserve far better than a government that lurches from one ethical scandal to another, while falling under a darkening cloud of corruption. Our country must be returned to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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