DIVERSION: Trudeau “Recuses” Himself From New Ethics Commissioner Pick

Bardish Chagger will now “decide”

Under mounting public pressure, Justin Trudeau is now saying he will recuse himself from the choice of the next Ethics Commissioner.

Here’s the government statement announcing the recusal:

“Effective immediately, the Prime Minister has recused himself from all matters related to the appointment of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, given the ongoing inquiry into the Prime Minister’s family vacation this past Christmas. The Prime Minister has designated the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, Minister Bardish Chagger, to fulfil any relevant obligations in relation to the appointment process for the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.”

“Recusal” means nothing:

The recusal is a good political tactic, since it gives the government a talking point whenever they are asked about a potential conflict of interest.

But considering that Trudeau’s cabinet takes their orders from Trudeau, appointing a Cabinet Minister to make the decision doesn’t actually change anything. There’s nothing to stop Trudeau and Chagger from having a quick conversation in the House of Commons where Trudeau whispers who to pick and Chagger makes the same choice.

Ask yourself this: Do you really think Chagger would pick someone Trudeau was against?

…That’s right.

Expect the media to make a big deal of this announcement without pointing out that nothing has actually changed. It’s just a diversion from the ongoing ethics crisis in this government.

Spencer Fernando


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