STOP Trudeau’s United Nations Gun Registry

You can sign the petition against Bill C-47 – which establishes a dangerous United Nations Gun Registry

I’m sure you’ve seen the pattern in the behavior of the elites. Rather than confront real problems, they use those problems as an excuse to take more rights away from law-abiding citizens.

That’s exactly what the gun registry was about.

When Trudeau won power, many were suspicious that he would bring back the failed gun-registry, despite having promised not to.

Now, it turns out those suspicions were 100% right.

The Trudeau government is pushing Bill C-47, An Act to amend the Export and Import Permits Act and the Criminal Code (amendments permitting the accession to the Arms Trade Treaty and other amendments.

It’s a clever name, because it sounds like a boring piece of legislation. Yet hidden within, is a new gun registry.

A petition in the House of Commons – E-1073 – explains exactly why Bill C-47 is a corrupt attempt to bring the gun registry back. The text of the petition is included below:

  • Bill C-47 will require importers, stores, and individuals to keep records and electronic information for a period of six years to determine if they have complied with the Act;

  • Bill C-47 will enforce stiff fines and penalties to importers, stores, and individuals that are found to not be in compliance with the Act;

  • Bill C-47 will allow the Governor in Council to add further supplies, accessories, and other import or export goods under the classification of goods and technology, to be called a Brokering Control List, to the Export Control List or Import Control List;

  • Bill C-47 will place liability of the information stored by the importer, store, and individual with the importer, store, and individual should the information be obtained in any way by an outside party.

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

1. Not sign onto the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, and, vote down and not allow Bill C-47 to pass into law; or
2. Amend Bill C-47 to not include any of the sections and subsections for importers, stores, and individuals to keep any records of any imported or exported firearms or any article that falls into the brokering control list, and, amend Bill C-47 to not include the penalty for not keeping adequate records, “of a fine not exceeding $250,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months, or to both”.

A United Nations Gun Registry

You’ll notice that Bill C-47 is about the United Nations Arms Treaty. Which means Trudeau is not only imposing a new gun registry, but he’s imposing one under the influence of the United Nations.

Considering how bad the gun registry was, imagine how bad a gun registry linked to the United Nations would be.

This dangerous UN gun registry is not only an attack on Canada’s independence, but it’s a betrayal of law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

It also won’t do anything about crime. As you may have read in a previous article I wrote about crime,What the Trudeau Liberals either don’t understand, or chose not to understand is that gun crime in Canada is almost totally concentrated in poor urban centres. In those areas, the key problems are reducing the influence of gangs and creating jobs and economic opportunities.Furthermore, most of the guns used in crimes are handguns that are already illegal.”

Also, “People in rural areas – especially the most isolated parts of the country – need guns for self-defence. There is no way people can rely on a quick police response, and there are threats in rural areas from animals that are simply not encountered in the city. Additionally, hunters and firearm enthusiasts are among the most law-abiding people in the country, and are not a source of gun crime.”

By pushing a new gun registry, Trudeau is ignoring reality.

Sign the petition against Bill C-47

Bill C-47 takes power from Canada and gives it to the United Nations.

Bill C-47 betrays law-abiding gun owners.

Bill C-47 won’t do anything to reduce crime.

That’s why Bill C-47 must be stopped. We cannot let the Trudeau government impose a United Nations gun registry upon our country. 

You can help by signing Petition E-1073, which is sponsored by MP Larry Miller. I have signed, and encourage you to do so as well.


Spencer Fernando


​The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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Communists think they are the only ones who should be able to protect themselves. Justin Trudeau, whether fathered by Pierre or by Fidel, is a son of a Communist. The United Nations is actually Communist International. See how it all fits together?


The opposition as well as the current liberal gov’t really don’t get it. The majority of the people involved in any sort of gov’t hierarchy have come to think of firearms as evil and the people that own the firearms are borderline criminals and not trustworthy citizens. When you live in a city and only associate with the cocktail crowd you will have no reality with the “other groups”. What do you suppose would happen if it became compulsory to take golf lessons and register clubs and ancillary golfing gear. I’m sure an amount of damage is done with those… Read more »

Martin Whalley

The previous registration was to cost two million but the real cost was over as billion. And was all waste because it was scrapped


BTW PEOPLE the Gun Registry is still there and active. Where did you get the idea that it was gone??? My sister works there and has for about 10 yrs now. They only stopped the long-gun registry but the actual GUN REGISTRY OFFICE is still operational and you still need a licence to own a gun. So get your information right before commenting on something you obviously don’t know all the facts about.

Al Muir

Yes get your facts strait . There is still a gun registry for hand guns but not for so called long guns. The office that is still open is actually a people registry that places them under the constant surveillance of the state. The sooner your sister’s job and that person registry is gone the better


When will this s**t ever end!? Its so crazy this guy wants to watch Canada burn to the ground and where letting him get away for it.

David adam

Chrétien promised ( saw him with my own eyes ) that if the registry hit 2 million dollars in cost he would cancel it. At a billion dollars it was still going strong until that liberal government was defeated. We all know that that billion dollars did absolutely nothing to stop hand gun crime because criminals didn’t register their illegal guns. Trudeau once again is proving what a complete fool he is

Lian Walton

The UN is a dog that should have been put down long ago – look what happens when they “help” – Haiti immediately comes to mind but other examples are many – and now they desire to meddle in the firearm laws of Canada – CANADA? We are a society of the most regulated , watched , trained , responsible firearms owners in the world . Trudeau wishes to give them free rein here to feather his nest when it comes time to take his seat there – Spencer followers may remember a report on that little gem – but… Read more »


This is Trudeau’s agenda to get a seat in the UN, this has nothing to do with anything else.