HYPOCRITES: The Elites Don’t Live By The Rules They Force On Us

If the elites truly believed in the ideas they push on the rest of us, why do they avoid the consequences of those ideas every chance they get?

The growing hypocrisy of the elites becomes clearer and clearer by the day, and we find that this hypocrisy is most noticeable when we look at political correctness and public policy.

Political Correctness

The elites enforce a stifling and ever-changing code of political correctness. They attempt to silence dissent, stifle debate, and destroy careers and lives over event the slightest deviation from “acceptable” discourse.

They rigidly and ruthlessly apply speech restrictions to others, while making exceptions for what they deem “entertainment.” An exception is made for comedians and celebrities when they say offensive things – so long as those celebrities have done enough virtue-signalling ahead of time.

But heaven forbid anyone who isn’t famous or a member of the elite says something that even one person (provided they are seen as a victim in some way) finds “offensive.” Then, all hell breaks loose. The person who said the “wrong” thing is ostracized, condemned, and discarded.

It’s the height of irony that the elites – who see themselves as paragon of tolerance – are now the most intolerant of different views. And yet, whenever they are offensive it’s somehow “art” or “creativity.”

They don’t live by their own rules.

Public Policy

The threat posed to free speech by political correctness would be bad enough on it’s own. But it gets worse.

When it comes to the policies they push for and implement, the elites take hypocrisy to a new level.

Consider the carbon tax.

It’s based upon the idea that our “behavior” must change. We must make life more expensive – to force people to use less energy and “save” the environment.

Of course, the people making do with less are never the elites. It’s always the rest of us.

The elites, especially at the highest levels, continue to travel the world using vast amounts of fuel, make money off investments in the same industries they publicly condemn, and seek to expand their own wealth and power – all while lecturing the rest of us to stop those very same things. They can afford the carbon tax and they won’t even notice it. For the rest of us – we get screwed over.

Once again, the elites don’t live by their own rules.

Total Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the elites shows the underlying flaw in their worldview. If their policies were effective, they would gladly pay the price themselves. And yet, the industries and jobs they destroy are never their own.

The fact that they impose restrictions and taxes on us while doing everything they can to maintain their financial and personal freedom tells you all you need to know.

Since they already have prosperity, they don’t care if the rest of us achieve it. And if the price of their virtue-signalling policies is stagnation and struggle for the rest of us, the elites could care less.

The hypocrisy of the elites is more difficult to expose than it would seem. The establishment media gladly pushes the same policies the elite want to see implemented. They rarely point out the massive hypocrisies, instead they condemn, demonize, and slander those who speak up on behalf of real Canadians.

Consider this:

Notice that when a millionaire celebrity who lives in a massive mansion flies into Alberta on a fuel-guzzling private plane and condemns the oil sands, the media treats them like some sort of hero. Then, when an oil sands worker criticizes the celebrity for trying to destroy their livelihood, the elites condemn the worker as “anti-environment” or “regressive.”

The elites hide behind that establishment media shield, and their hypocritical damage goes on.

That’s why we must use our own networks and our own voices to bypass the establishment and expose the corruption and hypocrisy of the elites every chance we get. A rising tide of awakened Canadians can bring profound changes that will sweep the elites out of power and put our country and our future back in the hands of those who actually built it.

The¬†elites don’t live by their own rules. We shouldn’t either.

Spencer Fernando

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chris Young

Dear Spencer, I very much like to read your comments. Smart and to the point. Have you considered writing something on Colonel Pat Stogran, who wants to run for NDP leadership to change things…….???