VIDEO: Bill Morneau’s Pathetic Non-Answers On CORRUPT Infrastructure Bank

You’ve seen growing concern about the corruption of the infrastructure bank being pushed by the Trudeau government. With $35 billion in taxpayers money being given to global banks – who will get all the profits and stick Canadians with all the risks – we are witnessing institutionalized corruption on a scale we have rarely seen in our country.

We’ve seen how Trudeau has tried to ram the bank through with almost no discussion or debate – just 2 hours of review.

And we’ve noticed how Trudeau let one of the world’s biggest global wealth funds – BlackRock – get months of access to the structure of the infrastructure bank before Canadians had any real details.

I am sure that you – like the vast majority of Canadians – are deeply concerned by this, and you’d be totally right to be concerned.

Of course, none of that seems to matter to Justin Trudeau or his Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

The opposition has been fighting for answers about the danger of the infrastructure bank, and they’ve been working to expose the corrupt attitude behind it.

Instead of giving answers, the Trudeau government has given pathetic talking points that evade revealing the truth to the Canadian people.

In the video below, watch as opposition members seek answers for Canadians, while getting nothing but talking points meant to deceive us.

Morneau’s pathetic non-answers show both contempt, and an intent to deceive. Morneau clearly knows the details about the bank. If he wanted, he could answer all those questions in a meaningful way. The fact that he doesn’t shows that he and Trudeau don’t want the truth to get out.

They know the infrastructure bank is about taking money from taxpayers and giving it to the banking elites.  Of course, they can’t admit the truth publicly, so they lie, hide, and distract.

Now, we need to spread the word to all Canadians about how dangerous this bank is, and how the government is trying to rob us because they want to enrich those who already have the most wealth and power.

Trudeau believes Canada belongs to global banks, not the Canadian people. The only way to prove him wrong is to ensure his defeat.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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