CORRUPT: Trudeau’s Disturbing Connections To KPMG

Another concerning revelation.

Every day brings yet another Trudeau scandal. Now, it’s yet more evidence of Trudeau and his government being disturbingly close to accounting giant KPMG. It has been revealed that Colin Campbell –  a law professor appointed by the Trudeau government to investigate offshore tax avoidance schemes – was living it up in Spain at an event thrown by the very accounting firm that caused the investigation in the first place.

Campbell was the head of an “offshore panel,” set up to look into schemes by KPMG that had been used by some of the richest Canadians to dodge their taxes on the Isle of Man.

What is strange about this, is that Campbell then attended a “conference” in September of 2016, which was put on by KPMG as one of the top sponsors (“diamond” level).

This was no boring business conference.

Attendees got treated to an evening of flamenco dancing, Spanish food, and cocktails.

Remember, Campbell was supposed to be looking into offshore tax avoidance, so why was he travelling to Spain to live it up in luxury at a conference put on by a firm seen by many as a core architect of that tax avoidance?

That is clearly a severe conflict.

Campbell – taking his cues from Trudeau – says he was not aware that KPMG was a top sponsor of the event.


Offshore committee was weak and pointless

Clear evidence of how the Trudeau government was far too close to KPMG can be seen in the fact that the “offshore committee” led by Campbell was not actually allowed to look into KPMG’s role in offshore tax avoidance schemes.

That is crazy.

KPMG was literally the reason for the investigation in the first place, so leaving them out makes no sense whatsoever – unless of course the Trudeau Liberals are hiding something.

That’s the conclusion more people are reaching, especially because of news that Trudeau had appointed John Herhalt – the “public sector leader” for KPMG – as the Treasurer for the Liberal Party.

As I reported previously, The exact same month Trudeau appointed Herhalt as Liberal Party Treasurer, a committee dominated by Liberal MP’s shut down an investigation into KPMG for using the Isle of Man as an offshore tax-dodge.

Also, Herhalt had originally left KPMG in 2013, but he went back in 2016. He stayed with KPMG until October of 2016, meaning he spent five months managing the finances of the Federal Liberals, while also working for KPMG.

Now, is it any surprise that Trudeau’s appointee to “investigate” the offshore avoidance schemes “avoided” KPMG?

A corrupt attitude at the core of the Trudeau government

When corruption reaches a certain level, it’s no longer even illegal. It becomes institutionalized. It’s “just how we do things,” they say.

That’s what you’re seeing with the Trudeau government.

They believe they are above the rules and above the scrutiny they would impose on the rest of us. They think they can get away with anything, use government as a tool to enrich themselves and their friends, and take more money out of our pockets every year.

To a certain extent, elitist and arrogant attitudes have existed in previous governments, including the most recent one. But there is an important difference. The previous government cut taxes and reduced job-killing regulations. They showed at least some willingness to trust us with our own money, and they made a real effort to reduce government spending after the deficits brought on by the financial crisis. Even in their worst moments, they were still holding the line on taxes.

By contrast, the Trudeau government is taking money out of our pockets, and imposing regulations that are killing jobs, halting growth, and pushing opportunity out of reach for more and more Canadians. And as we know, they are making unprecedented giveaways to the biggest foreign banks. Say what you will about the previous government, but they never set up a $35 billion taxpayer giveaway to the globalist financial elites.

Canadians must take our government back

No government is without corruption, but when corruption reaches systemic levels as you can see in Trudeau’s actions, there must be a change. Many candidates for leadership of the top opposition party have expressed a commitment to keep more money in our pockets and reduce the disturbing over-reach of the the federal government. While no government will be perfect, lower taxes and reduced spending would be a big step in the direction of putting power back where it belongs – in the hands of Canadians.

That’s why we must take our government back. We must continue to bypass the propaganda of the elites, and get our message out directly Canadians.

Trudeau won’t change his ways. He won’t magically decide to stop serving the elites and start serving the Canadian people. The only way to stop his corrupt attitude and harmful actions is to ensure he is decisively defeated in 2019.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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