PURGED: CBC Fires “The National” Producer For Thought Crime

“Cultural Appropriation” hysteria leads to another attack on free speech

Steve Ladurantaye, former managing editor of “The National” on CBC, has been fired from his job and “reassigned” after exhibiting a moment of independent thought.

What did Ladurantaye do to get in so much trouble?

He tweeted that he would donate $100 to a “Cultural Appropriation” prize.

The “prize” was jokingly proposed by a former National Post editor, after the former editor of the Writer’s Union of Canada’s magazine Hal Niedzviecki said he didn’t believe in cultural appropriation.

That set off massive hysteria, with condemnations from the identity politics crowd being unleashed at a rapid clip.

As Niedzviecki was shredded on social media, some writers who support free speech rose to his defence. Some proposed a prize for a writer who could best write from the perspective of someone not like them. This was jokingly termed the “cultural appropriation prize,” which is what CBC’s Ladurantaye tweeted about.

He made one tweet, late at night – which he quickly deleted.

Despite deleting it, it wasn’t enough for the politically correct elites. That set off a serious of grovelling tweets from Ladurantaye, which I’ve included below:

Notice how similar it sounds to the confessions coerced in authoritarian communist regimes? It’s like something out of Orwell’s 1984.

And yet, despite his grovelling, Ladurantaye was still fired and reassigned.

Political correctness and identity politics have reached absurd and deeply disturbing levels.

Consider the statements from CBC News editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire on the purging of Ladurantaye:

McGuire said Ladurantaye had been “reassigned” to the “storytelling strategies” and will reach out “as part of his learning process.”

“As you know, Steve Ladurantaye apologized for his action,” added McGuire.“He has made it his goal to better understand the appropriation issue from the perspective of Canada’s indigenous people.”

“We will support Steve in these efforts and I am confident that the work and conversations we are engaged in will, in the long run, make Steve and all of us better journalists and better leaders,” McGuire concluded.

There’s something very creepy about all of this.

It’s language reminiscent of sending people to “rehabilitation” for “thought crimes,” only allowing them to re-emerge once they are willing to spout the correct propaganda line.

The fact that our supposedly “public” broadcaster – who we’re paying for with our tax dollars – is purging people so ruthlessly should be of concern to all Canadians.

The CBC is expanding in power and reach. As much of the private media falls to shreds, the CBC with their combination of billions in taxpayers money and advertising is gobbling up reporters and writers from across the country. As they continue going down the path of insane political correctness and identity politics, they are creating a monopoly on what is considered “allowable opinion.”

That’s why independent media is needed now more than ever. The elites are tightening control over the establishment media and political discussion in our country, stamping out the last vestiges of unique or controversial thinking. As a result, we must go around them to protect free speech and free thought in our country.

Each citizen has the power to speak our mind and get our message out, and we need to use that power while we still can.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth. That’s why I write.

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